Thursday, April 16, 2015

Counting Down

Our summer countdown has officially started. Having last week off for spring break really got us in the mood for summer.

Our first day of Spring Break was Saturday. We cleaned up around the house and then met at a friend’s house to walk to church. Our church held several Easter services and we decided to attend the Saturday night service because they were having a family festival after the service. There were all kinds of fun carnival type games, bounce houses, a small train, and CFA for dinner. It was such a fun night and the kids had a blast. 

Easter Morning the kids woke up to some rain boots and a book in their Easter Baskets. The Easter bunny decided to leave all the candy at Gigi’s house this year. We quickly got ready and headed to church again because Lance and I were serving that morning.


After church we headed to my parents house. The kids were so excited to see that they indeed did get some candy for Easter…and of course, many other things like bunny ears.


After eating lunch, the kids had an indoor egg hunt in the basement. They had so much fun running around finding eggs, playing the drums, and jumping on Papa and Granddaddy.


This is the best we could do…


Granddaddy and Papa with these crazy kids


Monday we were up and headed to the ball field. Sam was in a baseball camp Mon-Thurs. He was super excited to get to do camp with his best buddy Dylan. When we got to camp, Reese and Maddy conspired together to get to have a play date so Kristin took them home with her. When it was time to pick the boys up they were begging to have a play date too. We decided to let them all have a short break from each other and we headed home to have lunch. After lunch Kristin was bringing Dylan back and I decided to have her let Maddy stay too. The kids all played so great together and some how during that time they all planned sleep overs. So that night I had the boys at our house…


While Kristin had the girls at her house…


And boy did they all have fun! They couldn’t get enough of each other. I took the boys to camp and then headed over to pick Reese up. The girls were begging for more time together. We decided they probably needed a little break from each other while they were still getting along. Ha!


Instead Reese and I headed home. I cleaned the inside of the car (there is no point in cleaning the outside since there is so much pollen out). Reese went to her room and played with Legos for a long time. After camp, the kids were asking for more time together so we all went to lunch at Moe’s.

Wednesday morning we decided to walk to camp.


After drop off Maddy was going to walk back home with us and play for a little while. Denver was not happy that Maddy got to walk with us so we let him walk back too. It was so cute too see these sweet little friends walking through the woods together.

We got back a little early for pick up so we could watch them run some drills. The littlest brothers have so much fun together too. They kept asking for play dates. We promised them soon enough.


Wednesday night we headed to Atlantic Station to meet Lance. Becca and I headed to Leah’s house in Florida to spend a long weekend with her. Lance took the kids and they went to see Home. They said it was cute. Lance took Thursday and Friday off to spend with the kids. Thursday they took Sam to baseball camp. One day he took them all to get hair cuts, they went out to eat (many times I am sure), and they watched Night at the Museum 3 Friday night.

Thursday Leah, Becca, and I headed to the beach. We spent most of the afternoon there.


Around 4:00 we headed back to her house and got ready to go out to dinner. We went to a place called Stinky’s. It was an hour and a half wait so we hung out at the bar next door (still Stinky’s bar) until our table was ready. It was the perfect time to hang out with them! Friday Leah had to work so Becca and I headed to the beach again for the day. About mid afternoon the fog rolled in and it got chilly so we packed up. We decided to drive down 30A and check it all out. After our drive we rented a movie and got some pizza. Susan got home just in time from work to watch the movie with us and then we all headed to bed.


Saturday morning we were going to meet Leah for breakfast (she had worked a 24) but she had a late call and didn’t make it in time to eat with us so we waited back at her house for her. Once she got back we said our goodbyes and then headed home with everyone else on the gulf coast. Lance had to go in to the office on Saturday so Reese and Sam went to a friends house and Hayes went to Hadley’s house. Lance had told them all he should be done around 12:30 (he hoped). Well, that didn’t happen. They had a few hiccups. I got in to town around 5:30, picked up my car that was in Atlantic Station, met Claire to pick up Hayes there too because they had gone to the Dogwood Festival, and then we headed to get the other two. I got to them around 6:30…nothing like spending 10 hours with your friends. They all had a great day though and we were so grateful for everyone’s help! I told a friend that I crashed landed back in to mommyhood…it was like I had never even left. Lance didn’t get home until midnight that night. Sunday we headed to church and then Lance went straight back to work. I decided to take the kids for a hike.


They all did good. Hayes wanted to be held several times but hates when I put him on my shoulders. We headed home for lunch, naps, and a lazy day to wrap up our spring break.


I think the Monday after spring break is the hardest Monday to get back in to it. Summer is just around the corner and we can’t wait!

4-16-15 031