Saturday, October 31, 2009

I win!

My husband rocks!!!

Reese and I have been on the go all day. The original plan was the let Daddy have a Daddy's Day! He was going to go ride his bike and relax on the couch reading a book. However, the weather changed his plans of bike riding.
This morning started with Reese and I having an enjoyable and entertaining breakfast with my best friend from high school. This breakfast included the opening of an umbrella on the table and yogurt splattered all over the floor. In the midst of all of that we had fun catching up!!

After breakfast we headed to my mom's school where they had a Snow White play. It was cute and was put on by a local theater. It was mostly kids so Reese enjoyed it.

While we were out that way we headed over to Leah's firehouse to visit. Reese was very timid at first for some reason. I don't know if it was the size of the fire trucks or what. Once she saw Gigi climb in the ambulance she was all ready for it. She sat in each of the trucks and eventually let us take her picture...those are on my mom's camera.

We got home around 2:30 to a sparkling, clean house!!! And all of the clothes washed. Woohoo! Again, my husband rocks!

Now we are waiting for some neighborhood friends to come over for some pizza and trick-or-treating! It looks like the rain is gone so it should be a fun night!

Here is a picture from last year! I can't wait to see them both dressed up this year!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Spooky Gymnastics

Reese had gymnastics this morning and they were allowed to wear their Halloween costumes. We had to do a modified version of Reese's costume because she obviously couldn't do gymnastics in cowgirl boots and a cowgirl hat.

She was so excited to get to dress up today though. She put her cowgirl hat on backwards and strapped on her Princess shoes...wait...what?

I helped her decide that it would be best not to wear her princess shoes to gymnastics. When we got to gymnastics the gym was completely decorated and all of the teachers were dressed up. Reese's teacher was a witch. She had her witch's hat on when we walked in and Reese was totally OK with it. I was worried she might be a little scared because she doesn't really like people covering their faces or heads with costumes.

She had so much fun with all of the Halloween stuff and they even got a piece of candy at the end of class.

After gymnastics we went to the mall to meet Reese's friend, Kay-Kay. They were both SO excited to see each other. And I was so excited to catch up with Kayleigh's mommy! We haven't seen them in a few weeks and it was so amazing to see the girls catch right back up. Watching them actually interact and have "conversations" was so much fun. We had lunch with them, did a little shopping, and then let the girls play in the play area. Both mommies tried to get some pictures of our silly girls but they were not having it. We can not wait to see them again soon!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009


Reese got to go to school today!! YAY! She has actually been fine since that little spike in her temperature Monday night so I had no problem sending her to school today. She was so excited to go and had a great day. Thursday they usually go to the library and learn Spanish. She said that did not go to the library today but instead went to the "Pumpkin Match" to pick out a pumpkin. She cracks me up. She did get to bring home a small pumpkin. I asked her what she learned in Spanish and she said, "Rojo"! And then she told me that it meant red. So smart!!

While Reese was busy learning Spanish I went to get a pedicure with a friend. We had a great time and some wonderful discussions. It was so nice to have some mommy time!! And now I have some fabulous feet to look at when I am in labor!!

Last night as we were pulling out of the driveway for small group we realized Ariel didn't make it. With all the rain we had on Tuesday she just couldn't keep it together. She will be meeting the trash can later today once Lance gets home!! Eww...

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

BC Update

After a terrible drive in to the doctor this morning, arriving just in time for my appointment, and then him running behind I finally have an update on BC. Heartbeat=great! The not so fun part of an actual exam resulted in nothing. BC is still snuggled up and comfy in my belly. He has made no movement towards gracing us with his presence. It is really strange how similar this pregnancy is to the one with Reese. Reese stayed put until the last minute. I was really congested with Reese and I am the same way this time. The big differences are that I have heartburn at night and wake myself up trying to catch my breath come morning time. I feel like I need to sleep sitting up. Which makes for a restless nights sleep. Oh well...guess I should get used to that for the next couple of months.

We have so many fun plans over the next week that I hope he will stay put until we enjoy all of this last minute fun! I feel like I have crammed every fun thing we could do in to this last week (or so) with Reese as our only child. 10 days until his due date...

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

She Skipped

Today I let Reese skip school. Two nights ago she had a rough night and then was grumpy most of yesterday morning. She just laid around on the couch and watched TV. She is usually such a busy body so I knew she didn't feel well. I gave her some Tylenol around lunch time and then she seemed to snap out of it. After her nap she was good as new. However, last night she felt warm. I took her temperature and it was 100.8. So we gave her some more Tylenol and sent her to bed. She slept great last night and woke up with no fever. We made the decision to keep her home just in case. She has been her usual self today so I am thinking she is just trying to get some more two year molars in. She would have had a great day at school but better safe than sorry with all of the flu, etc going around. Hopefully she can go on Thursday because they have a fun day planned!!

Monday, October 26, 2009


The last two text messages I have on my phone both say, "It's a BOY!!!". Last night I got a text from my friend, Amy, who is have boy #2 in February. And then this morning I got a text from my cousin, Tricia, who is having a boy in March. I am so excited about all of these boys!! Baby Cupcake is going to have so many friends around to play with and grow with! YAY!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Our Weekend

We have had a busy weekend but it has been fun!!

Friday we had a playdate with a bunch of friends after a great day at gymnastics. We had planned on going to a pumpkin patch but they only take reservations for weekdays and they were booked. So we had a potluck lunch at a friends house and it was so much fun!! We brought some little pumpkins to decorate and Reese and the other two year old were the only ones to actually decorate theirs. The other kids are a bit younger and they all modeled their Halloween costumes. They were too cute!! Friday night we just had a night in and I actually made dinner...that rarely happens on Friday nights.

Saturday morning we went to Chick-fil-a for breakfast. We realized that it might be the last time the three of us do that alone. We let Reese play for a little while afterwards and then we went to look at double strollers. We (more like I) have been so slow about doing this. I have gone to look at them and learned tons of information but I wanted Lance to see them too. The problem we have with our single stroller is that it is the perfect size for me but since he is nine inches taller than I am it is way too short for him. We saw some great ones but still have not made a decision!! That afternoon I went to a wedding reception for a girl from church and then rushed home to get Reese to our neighborhood friend Emma's birthday party. Since her birthday is so close to Halloween her mom did some fun Halloween crafts. It was so cute and Reese was in heaven!

Decorating her pumpkin

Admiring her work

This afternoon we headed to lunch with my parents and Becca for my mom's birthday. We also ran in to the mall for a couple of things and then headed back home. While Lance cut the grass I set up a little craft area on the table for Reese to use stamps, stickers, glitter glue, and color (thanks for the idea Amy). She enjoyed it for a few minutes but then was off to do something else. She is the busiest two year old I know. She doesn't stop and it wears me out!! I feel so bad sometimes because I have to turn on the TV to get a break. I am so tired right now!

After Lance cut the grass we carved our pumpkins. Well, Lance and I did. Reese wanted nothing to do with the "pumpkin goo". (Yes, that is what Lance cut the grass in today. I guess it is better than a sleeveless t-shirt!!)

While we carved the pumpkins Reese played ballerina, played on the slide, kicked the beach ball, and would occasionally come over to check on our progress.

Here are our Princess pumpkins. Reese loves them!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Our Sweet Girl

Tonight Reese put her hand on Lance's face, ran her fingers over his beard, and said "You're so sweet!"

It was the sweetest thing I have ever heard!!

Two weeks...

Two weeks, people...two weeks!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Crazy Hair and Cowgirl Boots

This is Reese's hair in the morning...before we can tame it...there is actually a headband underneath all of that mess to keep it out of her face.

Reese loves her cowgirl boots. She wanted to wear them yesterday to the grocery store...she ended up wearing them all day!

She is one hot mess! This is how she looked when Daddy got home from work tonight. We also had some friends over to witness this mess. She was too funny the whole time they were here! Hopefully her future does not hold being the next "Naked Cowboy"!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What a difference a year makes...

I seriously can't believe what a difference a year makes. I can't believe how much Reese has grown and changed right in front of our very eyes. It is so amazing to be able to compare these pictures and see the changes.

That hair...those teeth...

The eyes are still the same...and that sweet smile...

I am in love!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Here are some fun pictures from recently...

Reese loves to wear headbands. She usually wears more than one and has to put them in herself! Don't mind the mouth full of yogurts

She took our Halloween candy basket off the table and used it to sit in while watching TV...no candy was damaged during this exercise...

And here is a sneak preview at the pictures we had taken yesterday! I just LOVE it!!!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Busy Day So Far

Reese and I have had a busy day so far. This morning I took her to get her fall pictures made. I had to wake her up early to go because the ladies house is about 45 minutes from here. Reese did great and I can't wait to see the pictures!!

After pictures we headed down to Old Navy to kill some time. I bought her a winter hat and some gloves. It has been so cold and I don't want her freezing on the playground at school.

After Old Navy I had my weekly visit to check on Baby Cupcake. He is measuring great and his heartbeat sounds good. Throughout this pregnancy we have received several due dates: Nov. 7, Nov. 12, and Nov. 14. I always stuck with the 12th because it was the first one we received and it was in the middle. Well, today the doctor (who is my main doctor) said she was sticking with the 7th because that was the date he measured at the 13 week ultrasound. She also said she is on-call the 9th so if he isn't here by then she might go ahead and schedule an induction for that day so she can be there to "catch". She also knows that I have big babies so no need for him to get any bigger than necessary. I have my reservations about an induction but am not totally against it. I know he will make his appearance when the time comes. I hate to rush him along if he is not ready. However, it is also nice to know an end date. It gives Lance and I a little push to get things all squared away. So, we may have BC here by the 9th...in three weeks from today! Yikes!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

All Things Fall Weekend

We had an all Fall Weekend! Saturday we went to the church that Reese goes to school for their Fall Festival. It was pretty small but Reese had a fun time.

She played in the "jumpy".

Pet the (nasty) animals.

Ate some popcorn. I don't know that she has ever had popcorn before but when she saw it, she wanted it. We were actually talking to our neighbor at the time and she bought Reese the popcorn. So sweet!

Rode on a hayride...which she loved. She kept talking about it afterwards.

Saturday afternoon we watched college football. Any and all games. Some friends and their little ones came over later for some chili, talking, and football watching.

Today we went to the same pumpkin patch we went to last year. Reese had much more fun this year. She was so excited to take a hayride again today!

We talked her in to smiling for a few pictures in the middle of some pumpkins. She loved the little pumpkins...we came home with five.

A sweet lady offered to take a family picture for us.

I snuck one of Daddy and Reese.

Trying to carry three pumpkins at once.

The pumpkin patch also had a little "zoo". Reese kept asking to see the elephants...maybe we will go to the real zoo soon. We have had a great fall weekend.
Tomorrow we will hopefully be getting Reese's fall pictures taken. We had to reschedule due to the rain last week. They turned out so cute last year and I can't wait to see this years!! All of the kids have changed and grown so much!


Friday I heard a quote on the radio that I just loved. "Happiness is not something to be pursued but created."

Today I saw this postcard on Post Secret. Minus the last line...is someone trying to tell me something?

I get it!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Tonight Reese leaned over to give me a hug and said, "I yuv you". After she said that she looked up at me and said, "You best friend". Sweetness!! I have no idea where she heard that or learned that but I will take it!!!

Can you believe...

that in a month we will be doing this again?

I can't!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Our Little Cowgirl

I have mentioned before how much Reese loves to be a "Cowgirl". Well, we decided that would be the perfect Halloween costume!

Sunday while Reese was playing with her cousins Lance and I went to the North Georgia outlet mall. It was a beautiful day so we just walked up and down every single aisle and went in to the stores we wanted to check out. We bought Lance some new jeans because his are all too big. He has lost as much weight as I have gained this pregnancy!! (Much different than when I was pregnant with Reese.) Then we saw these boots...

We just had to buy them for Reese's costume. They were a little more expensive than I would have liked (I was hoping to find some on eBay or at a consignment sale) but I knew she would get some great use out of them. And Baby Cupcake will be able to use them one day too. When we got home that night we showed her the new boots and let her try them on. Once she had them on she said she needed to go get her horse and cowboy hat. So she ran off in to the playroom and came back like this.

I about died!! She has a basket on her head and is using a duster for her horse. How creative??

She is such a mess but we love the entertainment!!!

Super Cute

So I have a super cute picture that I want to post. However, it is on the nice camera that my hubby is hogging. He isn't really hogging it. He has been taking that photography class that we got him for Father's Day so the camera is usually with him. But there is a really cute picture on the camera and a story to go with it. Hopefully I can get that up soon.

Other than that, I've got nothing...nothing! Have a great day! It is looking like a gorgeous day here!

Edited to Add:
I just ordered wooden letters in the kids names. No going back on the name for BC now! Yikes!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Tick, Tick

Have you noticed the ticker on the side? It says I am 36 weeks and 2 days...and 34 days to go! Wait! What?? I thought I only had 4 more weeks to go if I am 36 weeks. That would be 28 days!! The ticker just added almost a whole week!! Oh well! The little man will come when He is ready. We are just praying for healthy and happy when ever he makes his appearance. I am getting very anxious about this arrival. Luckily I am getting uncomfortable so I will be happy to have him in my arms. I am anxious about having two, being there for both of them when needed, and I am remembering all the not fun stuff that I have to deal with after pushing that baby out. I want so much to enjoy those first few months but I will be happy to be done with the healing part! With Reese I was naive to that so all I was thinking about was my sweet baby. I am trying to focus on that with BC but the scary stuff just keeps creeping in!! I am just going to make myself focus on the sweetness from here forward!!

Friday, October 9, 2009


I just logged on to do a random post because we have been kind of boring this week but then I realized this was my 500th post! Now I feel a little pressure to make it better than it was going to be.

I started this blog as a way to scrapbook our lives so I could look back and remember each and every thing about my pregnancy and having a sweet baby girl. Believe me, it has definitely come in handy during this pregnancy. And it is a great entertainment source for Reese when we need something new and fun to do. She loves to watch "Reese videos". I love to go back and take a walk down memory lane. I can't believe I have had so many random things to say, write, or capture in picture. I can't wait to add Baby Cupcake to all of these details on my blog.

That is right, I said it, my blog. This blog is written by me and mainly for me. I love that I can share parts of our lives with you, dear reader. But it is not meant for you. I feel like often (and I am guilty of this too) we are judged strictly on my blog. Our lives are not out there for judgement, critique, or advice; it is out there to share with you our love for our daughter (and soon to be son) and how grateful we are for this life we have been given...the good, the bad, and the ugly. I really want this blog to be a place where my kids can go back and see their childhood and how much we adore them. I can't wait to share it with them one day.

Whoa! So that is totally not the direction I thought this post was going. I was actually coming on here to talk about my awesome hubby for a change. He is such a great dad and has been putting in a lot of effort to be so. Being a great dad is only a small part of who he is his. He is a devoted and faithful husband who appreciates me for me (with all the good, bad, and ugly). I think he knows life is going to become even crazier soon and he has been trying to put in more time with me and Reese before our new arrival. Our time with him is precious. I know he sometimes (ok, actually most of the time) has to take the backseat to things going on around here and I appreciate his understanding in my 24-hour full time job. Speaking of jobs...he is such a hard worker. I know if I was out in the real world I would never compare to the employee he is. He has taken on a lot more resposibilty at work lately. Some of the people that work for him "acknowledged" this recently when they went to Burger King for lunch and brought him back a crown. A lady he works with took a picture and posted it on her blog. When he told me the story I cracked up...what a fun group. He works with a great group of people and I am lucky to send him to work with them everyday. So, thank you honey for all of the hard work you put in at work and at home to make our lives so special!!

Happy Blogging! In honor of this 500th post, why don't you lurkers say hello!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Baby Cupcake's Closet

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I Love Preschool!

I love preschool days. I feel like I can get so much accomplished. I guess I better enjoy it before BC makes his appearance. This morning I went grocery shopping in 30 minutes (that never happens), organized both (that sounds weird) kids closets, and have done three loads of laundry. Whew!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Baby Cupcake Update

I had a doctors appointment this morning to check on Baby Cupcake. The doctor I visited with today cracks me up! He has to be in his 70s and when I was pregnant with Reese he was running the Peachtree Road Race that year. He had been in Portland yesterday and was telling me funny stories from his visit. We now go every week until he is born.

Everything looked great once again! I love these kinds of appointments. We are both healthy and happy. He is officially in position. He moved down a couple of days ago and is settling in for the last month. Hopefully he will remain healthy and safe until he is ready to make his appearance.

I think we are both getting excited and much more nervous as this last month wraps up. Reese is still not really understanding that he is going to be here with us forever but she loves to talk about him. And I think he officially has a name. Don't ask though because it could change at any minute knowing us.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

So Very Blessed!

This has been a wonderful weekend!! I seriously could not have asked for more...except for my hubby to be home with us.

Friday afternoon Reese and I picked up Lance's cousin, Claire, from a friends house in Buckhead. Claire flew in Thursday to spend some time with some friends in Atlanta and then was staying with us for the rest of the weekend. Lance was flying out Friday night to spend the weekend with Claire's dad and friends for a bachelor weekend so it was only fitting to trade family. We all went to have lunch with Lance before he left to go out of town and then came home for a quiet (as quiet as can be with a two year old) night.

Saturday morning we went out to my parents house because my sweet sisters and mom threw a family baby shower for Baby Cupcake. They invited every girl in my family and to all of our surprise most of them could be there. We have family in Florida and Missouri that coincidentally planned to be in town for the weekend before they knew about the shower. We were all so excited to be together for a change! I could have come home empty handed and been totally full on the love of my family! However, I came home with more presents for Baby Cupcake than I could have ever imagined. Everyone went above and beyond!!

The picture above doesn't even do justice to the amount of clothes this little boy got. I combined so many bags to bring home everything. We felt kind of bad for him because Reese's closet was packed full of clothes before she was born and now his will be the same way.

Reese even got to get in on the action with presents. So many people got her a big sister gift and she felt so special.

Saturday night we had planned to go to the fair but by the time we left the house we knew it would be a traffic jam getting there so we decided to get some Chick-fil-a and take it for a picnic at the park.

This morning we took Claire to the airport so that she could head back home. Reese and I were both so sad to see her go. When we got home Reese and I both took a two hour (much needed) nap. Once we woke up Reese was having a little trouble getting going so I let her chill out watching some TV for a little while. Once she was good and awake she was an angel the rest of the night. Today with Reese has been one of those days that I just want to bottle up and remember for the days when she is acting like she is two. When I was making breakfast this morning she came over and hugged my leg and said, "I yuv you, Mommy!" Melt my heart! We just cuddled on the couch, watched TV, colored, and talked to Baby Cupcake most of the evening. It was such a sweet day and wonderful weekend! We can't wait for Daddy to be back home with us! We have missed him this weekend.

Friday, October 2, 2009


Reese loves playing with her puzzles.

She has learned to do these all by herself. She tries and tries until she has them completed.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Out of the Mouth of Babes

Two things I have heard Reese say lately that crack me up:

"Wow! That's amazing!"


Not sure where she got either saying but I laugh every time I hear her say them!!