Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 ~ A Look Back

Another year has flown by. Here is a look back at some of our memories from this year.


Halfway through Reese’s first year of school.

1-17-13 003


A crazy circus trip!

photo 2

photo 3


Loving these sweet babies

photo 2

3-19-13 011


photo 1

Ears pierced!

4-21-13 013


School’s out for the summer

photo 3


6-17-13 005

Goodbye old house…

7-1-13 032

Hello new…

7-1-13 073


Birthday girl



Back to school

8-7-2013 004

8-20-13 010


Fall fun

9-15-13 050



10-31-2013 022


Celebrating our boys…

11-3-13 074

11-3-13 080


Christmas time!


What a beautiful year it has been. Every year I feel more and more blessed.

Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Celebrating Christmas

At 5:00 on Christmas Eve we went to church for the Christmas Eve service. After a lazy day, we got everyone bathed and dressed so we needed to snap a few pictures.

12-26-13 011

12-26-13 013

12-26-13 017

We sat with Reese’s BFF’s family and were planning to head home for pizza after church. Instead they invited us to their house for pizza and the kids were so excited. It was a nice night visiting with them. Once Hayes was an hour passed his bedtime we headed home to make cookies for Santa and get ready for bed. Sam was so sad that Thunder Buzz had to leave us. We let the kids get him down for one last hug.

12-26-13 023

Once the cookies were made, we put them out with some milk for Santa and then the kids were off to bed.

12-26-13 024

12-26-13 025

Lance and I were up way later than I thought we would be. We were heading to bed a little before 2:00 and Reese walks in to our room. She was saying her stomach hurt but I think she was just so excited she didn’t understand. I asked her if she wanted me to come lay with her for a little while so I did and we talked and talked. She wanted to know if Santa had come yet and I told her it looked like our stockings were not on the fireplace anymore so he must have. Finally I told her what time I was leaving and she was ready to sleep knowing Santa had come. Just after 7:00 the big kids came in to our room all excited that Santa had come. When we bought our house I didn’t even think about what Christmas would look like here but as we were putting things out we realized the kids would be able to see all that Santa brought. Santa did a pretty good job keeping things out of direct view but if the kids looked over the bannister they could see their gifts.

12-26-13 034

As I was about to head out of my room, Reese ran in to tell me all she got from Santa at a million miles an hour. She sat down and said, “The only thing I didn’t get was a karaoke machine. But that’s ok!”

Finally it was time to head down stairs!!

12-26-13 033

They were both so cute and excited about everything. Sam said later that he got all the Power Ranger stuff he wanted! Whew! He wanted a lot!

12-26-13 040

About ten minutes after we were downstairs we heard Hayes wake up. He could hear the excitement downstairs and was reaching for me to get him out of his crib. He was so excited to see what all the commotion was.

12-26-13 043

As I was walking down the stairs with him he was trying to dive out of my arms. The second I put him on the ground he took off running.

12-26-13 046

He didn’t know what to think.

12-26-13 047

After playing with the gifts Santa brought for a little while, we opened presents from each other.

12-26-13 055

Both of the big kids were so grateful and said thank you and gave lots of hugs.

12-26-13 056

12-26-13 057

When we finished opening up all of our gifts, I started cleaning up a bit. As I was taking some things to the kitchen I asked Reese to grab Santa’s cookie plate and bring it to the kitchen for me. It turned out Santa had left another note under his plate that we hadn’t seen before. On the note it gave us a clue to go to the dining room. In the dining room we found a karaoke CD. Reese said, “Oh! A karaoke CD for when we get a karaoke machine.” I asked her to tell me what songs were on the CD and she found another clue on the back of the case. That clue led us to the movie room where the karaoke machine was set up!!

12-26-13 070

When Reese got to the basement and saw it, she started jumping up and down and yelling, “A karaoke machine! A karaoke machine!” over and over and over. She was thrilled.

12-26-13 071

Luckily Santa had set it up so the kids could start singing on it right away.

12-26-13 072

Around lunch time, Lance’s family came over to spend the rest of the day together. We exchanged gifts and all got some great things. It was a nice afternoon. The kids played with all of their new toys and really enjoyed the day.

12-26-13 079

12-26-13 080

I usually start taking all of my Christmas decorations down the day after Christmas. This year I feel like they weren’t up long enough! I have started gathering everything to put away but it is a little sad. Thank goodness we still have a Christmas celebration to look forward to with my family this weekend!!

Now to figure out where all of these new toys are going to go!!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!


Luke 2:11 The Savior – yes, the Messiah, the Lord – has been born today in Bethlehem, the city of David!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Leading Up to Christmas

These pictures are from a few weeks ago. One afternoon after school, the kids decorated some “Christmas Trees”.

12-24-13 006

12-24-13 011

The really enjoy getting to do this and then loved to get to eat them right afterwards.

12-24-13 007

12-24-13 008

12-24-13 015

And they enjoy making messes too! Winking smile

12-24-13 017

This little cuties just sat and watched them. How much do I love this picture? It is soooo cute!

12-24-13 012

Hayes is obsessed with the tree. He usually takes an ornament or two off but really hasn’t been to destructive…which is a surprise!

12-24-13 022

This past weekend one of Lance’s best friends from college came to visit with his family. They have three month old, identical twin girls. We all fell in love and couldn’t get enough of them.

12-24-13 025

Reese and Taylor

12-24-13 028

Sam and Maya

12-24-13 029

Hayes and Taylor. Hayes was too funny with them. He wanted to pet their heads but he was a little rough. He would pet a few times and then whack them.


We all loved having them here. We were supposed to go to Stone Mountain Christmas Saturday night but it was such a yucky day we decided to stay home. We tried to get a group picture but it didn’t turn out so great. This is the best we could do.

12-24-13 089

Erica and Justin needed to run a quick errand so we kept the girls. It was time for a quick nap so it was an easy job. We tried to talk them in to staying out longer but instead they brought home food to cook out. The babies were snuggled up in a double Boppy!!


After feeding our kids and putting them to bed, it was dinner time. It was so yummy!! And we had our first meal at our new dining room table.

12-24-13 108

Sunday morning as we were leaving for church, these sweet babies we heading to see their grandparents. The picture below is a perfect representation of the weekend. There was always one of us on either side of the babies and the kids were always holding their hands or petting their heads.


After church Sunday we headed over to another family friend’s house. After hanging out for the afternoon we went to eat BBQ. Silly kids!


And then we got to have a sleep over with their sweet girls. It was Joci’s first sleep over and she was SO excited. She kept saying, “I always wanted to have a sleepover!” I think having her big sister there was good for her first time sleeping over with out parents.  It was Sam’s first sleep over too…ha! Don’t get too comfy Sam. Around 10:30, Sam decided he wanted to sleep in his own bed. Around 11:00, Joci came in to my room and said she couldn’t sleep. I offered to lay with them and she was asleep with in three minutes.


The next morning they all just played. Reese and Maddy made a million Rainbow Loom bracelets while Sam and Joci played and watched a show. They all had a blast and I am glad they were able to do this.


Today Lance is taking each of the kids out for some last minute gifts and I plan on cleaning for Santa’s arrival.

Merry Christmas!!