Tuesday, March 1, 2016

End of February Happenings

Our best friends are not on our baseball team this season so we don't get to see them at the field much anymore. One Saturday we met up there so the boys could hit some balls together and the other kids could play on the playground...like old times.

The gym that the boys do gymnastics at has a free play time every Saturday morning. We have taken advantage of that a couple of times and the kids love to get that energy out early in the morning.

Twin Day at school. These two boys in Sam's class play baseball at the same park as us so they all dressed up the same for twin day...(or triplet day in this case).

They always think it is so funny to draw on their faces with make-up/washable markers. I think they were being pirates this day.

I get up first in the mornings and have my quiet time before starting the day. Each morning I find these two in my bed when I come back upstairs. Usually Hayes has gotten in to my bed at some point during the night and Sam comes in while I am downstairs. He will turn the TV on for them which usually wakes Lance up and then every ones day starts.

Bingo night at school

I found Hayes looking at our wedding album one afternoon

When baseball season started we were so excited to start walking there again. We can only do this in the spring because by the fall there is too much brush to walk through. This day the kids decided to drive their cars to the field.

Hayes has decided to give up naps so if it is nice in the afternoons we will go for a walk. This particular day he drove his car through the neighborhood as I ran along side. It was so windy and his hair was standing straight up.

Waiting on the bus...I think all of our neighbors know when we are headed outside because Hayes loves to send his dump truck flying down our driveway.