Tuesday, August 31, 2010

In Love

Sam LOVES his sister.  I was taking some pictures of him and she walked up.  He started squealing and clapping.  She has her own cheering squad and he has his own personal entertainer.

8-31-10 059

A Handful

That is Reese!  She is a handful!

8-9-10 004

This age has been one of the most challenging and fun! 

8-9-10 007

She has such a big personality.  

8-9-10 008

I love her so much!  I love her random admissions of love for me too.  They usually come when I am taking a deep breath…ha!  She will hug me and say, “I just love you, Mommy!”

I just love you, too, Reese-y!

Monday, August 30, 2010


Reese created this “hopscotch” through the kitchen today. 

8-30-10 002

Then Sam found it and wanted to play.

8-30-10 013

But Reese was not interested in sharing…this is her mean face.

8-30-10 029

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fast Asleep

After a week away, Lance has been spending a good bit of time with the kids while I do, well, nothing.  Ha!

Saturday night Lance was pushing the kids in the swing while I went to the grocery store and made dinner.  While he was pushing them Sam fell asleep.

8-29-10 017

He was still holding on.  And he was out.  It was so sweet to see.  My kids don’t just fall asleep places so this was too funny.

8-29-10 018

Tonight Lance took some pictures of Sam.  This picture is not very good but it shows all of his teeth.  The other two bottom ones have just now cut the gums so you can’t see them yet.

8-29-10 020

I need to do a better job of taking pictures. Hopefully I can do that this week now that we will be back in to our somewhat normal routine.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Plus Two = Eight

Sam just cut two more teeth with in the last couple of days.  He cut the bottom two eye teeth.  Now he has four on top and four on the bottom.  I imagine that cutting these two teeth while he has been sick has not been pleasant. 

It certainly has not been pleasant for this nursing mom!!  I don’t think I can handle it anymore.  He is biting me every single time we sit down to feed him.


My screams, yelps, and no’s are just greeted with a smile from the little man. 

And on top of biting he isn’t eating very well which isn’t good for trying to get him to gain weight.  I am at a loss and am stressing out about it.  He either needs to stop biting and start eating or we are going to have to figure something else out!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

She’s Gonna Get It

Reese picks, pokes, grabs, tickles, holds, squeezes, yells at, sings to, pulls on, hugs, kisses, etc, etc, etc to Sam. 

And she’s gonna get it.

Tonight during bath time Reese wouldn’t let Sam play with one of the toys and he lunged at her to bite her. 

It is only a matter of time until he can defend himself against her.  I know he is not doing it to be mean.  But since he has no other way to express his feelings he is going to use his teeth.  I just hope this is not a precursor to biting others.  I have heard of kids biting others before but I never had that problem with Reese.  I hope, hope, hope he is not a biter!!  He understands NO so I will keep saying it and hope it takes hold!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Kansas City Round 2

After the zoo I didn’t take many pictures. 

Friday night we went to the rehearsal dinner.  Like I said before, Sam didn’t feel well so I tended to him most of the evening.  However, I did send Reese off with my camera to take pictures of everyone.

Lissa and Celeste (sisters of the bride)

8-23-10 092

Uncle Hawk and Aunt Kym (parents of the bride)

8-23-10 094

Papa and Peggy (Grammy to Reese)

8-23-10 095

my mom (Gigi)

8-23-10 096

my dad (Granddaddy)

8-23-10 097

Tina, the bride, is in the forefront of this picture

8-23-10 098

me and Becca

8-23-10 099

sick little Sammy

8-23-10 100

Sammy and Mommy

8-23-10 101

me and my babies…Sam looks so pitiful

8-23-10 102

Saturday we woke up and stayed close to the hotel.  I wanted both kids to get in good naps to help them feel better and behave.  During Sam’s morning nap, Becca and I took Reese on a walk around the block.  We were near this super cute area called Country Club Plaza.  The city was beautiful. 

Sam is under there somewhere.

8-23-10 104

Reese had a blast seeing all of our family.  She loves attention and she definitely got a lot of it.

8-23-10 103 

Saturday night was the wedding.  I, unfortunately, did not get one single picture.  The wedding was in an old, beautiful mansion.  I stood out in the foyer with Sam during most of the ceremony to keep him happy.  I could still see and hear the wedding from just outside the door.  My cousin looked beautiful and it was a very sweet ceremony.  My mom and I ended up taking the kids back before dinner because they were both about to melt down. 

Sunday morning we got up and had breakfast with everyone one last time before heading back to the airport.  Delta ended up finding our car seat and sent it to our hotel so we were set.  We had a nice, easy flight back and were sooooo happy to be back home. 

Kansas City Round 1

Last Thursday we left for Kansas City, MO.  We were there for the weekend for my cousin, Tina’s, wedding.  This trip was rough for us because both kids were sick.  Reese was doing much better than she had been but Sam quickly became sick.  He had a fever the whole time we were there but was such a trooper. 

This trip included a first for both kids.  We flew to KC.  Reese was so excited…even though she doesn’t look like it! Ha! 

8-23-10 021

Sam slept most of the flight which was so nice!

8-23-10 005 

Reese was able to sit with my parents for a while.  It was so nice for her to be able to be entertained by someone other than me. 

8-23-10 007

We were on a small plane headed out.  

8-23-10 008

Sam eventually woke up and decided he that he wanted to get out of his seat too.

8-23-10 012

So he went to sit with my parents.

8-23-10 017 

I decided it would be best to check both of our car seats because we would be renting a car.  When we landed in KC we realized Delta had not put one of our car seats on the flight.  So we had to borrow one from Delta.  What a pain!  We rented a minivan so we could all be together.

8-23-10 028

Friday morning we went to the zoo.  It was a nice zoo.  It had some awesome attractions and some that were kind of small.

8-23-10 032

8-23-10 033

8-23-10 034 

Our favorite attraction was the polar bear! He was such an actor. He would swim right up to the glass and entertain us.  Everybody was in awe.

8-23-10 039

He was the first attraction we saw when we walked in the zoo.  As we walked up he ran across the rock and belly flopped right in to the water.  It was so funny!

8-23-10 044

The worst part was that it was sooooo hot out.  It was miserable.

8-23-10 087

8-23-10 046

8-23-10 047

8-23-10 050

Reese said she wanted to go see the birds and feed them.  So Becca and I took her in.  I had no desire for the birds to land on me but I sucked it up and did it for Reese.

8-23-10 052

Well, apparently my sacrifice didn’t do anything for her.

8-23-10 053

Here she is up close…

Another cool exhibit was the elephants.  There were about eight elephants. 

8-23-10 064 

At one point two of the elephants were eating some of the brush outside of their fence.  One of the zoo employees drove up on a golf cart and told them to stop…and they did!  They both stared at her for a minute and then backed up and walked away.

8-23-10 069

This elephant exhibit is so much better than the one in Atlanta because you are so close to the elephants.

8-23-10 075

Sam took a little nap during the elephants. 

8-23-10 065

We had a great (and hot) time at the zoo.

8-23-10 086

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Feeling better

Reese has been sick since the weekend. Yesterday I'd had enough of her feeling crummy and was trying everything to make her well. I decided that I would take her to my dads office to get adjusted this morning.

He has worked on her before but I don't think she has had a full adjustment, laying on the table, before.

I was so worried she would not let this happen but she was a trooper! She got right up on the table and let my dad work on her.

I was so proud of her and I just know it is going to help her feel better.

She was so proud of herself.

We tried to have Sam adjusted too but he was not having it. I think the poor little guy is getting sick too and I was hoping to get him adjusted and better faster! Hopefully he got enough to help!

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