Friday, May 15, 2015


I had big plans of doing an update on Hayes at 2.5 years old but I totally missed that day. Now here it is two weeks after that day and a month since I last updated this blog at all. I know I am going to be so sad one day not to have these posts to look back on and I wish I could do a lot better. I should plan a special day that it dedicated to updating here but laundry and housework seem to have taken over any free time in my life. Not that you would know because my house looks like it is constantly in disarray and the laundry basket is always full. But I really am ok with that because we are so full of doing life.
Hayes...Hayes is a hand full. It is a good thing he is so cute because man oh man he gives me a run for my money. He is very independent and has many opinions. It took him a long time to learn to really talk in a way that we could understand him but once he started it was like he had been talking forever. Hayes can not be disciplined. He could care less about the direction I give him. He keeps me humble. I have learned that if we are home and he disobeys that sitting him in his bed is a great punishment. When we aren't home, I have nothing (other than the threat of putting him in the stroller). He is so strong. If he doesn't want to get in to his car seat, I have to basically lay on him while buckling him. He is a great sleeper. He still naps and I don't see an end to that any time soon. He goes to bed easily but has started waking up earlier. Once he can feel the energy in the house of some one being up, he starts stirring. He is potty trained and that was a breeze!! Easiest kid to potty train out of all three and he stays dry at night. I still put a pull up on him just to be safe but at nap time he stays in his undies. He LOVES dogs. As much as my other two hated dogs at his age, he loves them. He doesn't care about the size of the dog he just wants to pet it. We have been teaching him to ask permission before chasing down a dog.

 Some of my favorite things he says:
-Muah Hugs: Kisses and hugs; If he doesn't give kisses and hugs to one of us before bed time, he will cry while saying "muah hugs Daddy".
-"HoleJew": Hold you; this has to be my favorite!! He says this when he wants to be picked up. I remember when Reese was little and we had a friend whose daughter would say this and I thought it was the cutest thing. The first time Hayes said that I died from the sweetness.
-He calls Sam "Bubba" or "Bubby"...just depends on his mood. He has recently started calling him Sam as well but that is usually when Sam is being a pest.
-Right, Mommy?
-Nek-nek: naked
-Save me Mommy: when he is running away from Sam being a pest (see a theme here?)
-Geor-George minute?: He will ask this when he wants to watch Curious George which is by far his favorite show. It is the only one he requests. I think he adds minute to the question because some times I will answer with "Just a minute".
-Pet it?: Any time he wants to touch something he will ask if he can pet it...dogs, water, fire truck, etc
-Many times I will ask him how he got so cute or who made him so stinky, etc and he always answers with "Gandaddy". It always cracks me up.

This boy can make me cry as fast as he can make me laugh. I am constantly correcting and redirecting but I am also constantly laughing at him. He has the sweetest smile and voice. And the curls, oh the curls! There is no doubt that God put curls on him so that when I was getting on to him the curls would melt me. It is funny that my two with curly hair are my spunkiest kids. It is absolutely a warning that says "I am cute but deadly".