Thursday, February 19, 2015

Ten Years

Today, Lance and I have been married for TEN years. Time really flies! It is crazy to look back on these last ten years and all of the things that have happened. Our life is so much better than I could have dreamed on that day ten years ago. I was so na├»ve and really was just living in the moment. I had known my whole life that I wanted to be a mom who got to spend the days with her kids but I truly didn’t know if that would happen. Ten years later, Lance has worked so hard every day to keep that dream a reality.




One year in…Lance wanted to know what it would look like to shave his entire head with a straight razor so he did it right before we left for a cruise. Needless to say, that hair-do has never come back.

Cruise06 010

Two years in…pregnant with Reese

Nashville 003

I could not find a single picture of the two of us from around our third anniversary…that is what happens when you have kids…this was taken in July and it is looking up my nose…you’re welcome.

7-6-08 030

Quite honestly, there are no more pictures of us alone for a long time after this last picture. Ha! When we do have date nights or alone time, we don’t think to take pictures of ourselves.

And here we are ten years later!!


And just for a little comparison…


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

February Happenings

A couple of weekends ago Reese and Sam earned having a sleep over with some friends. Sam chose his friend William to spend the night. I gave Sam a heads up that William might decide not to sleep at our house because it was his first attempt at a sleep over. William did so great but when it was actually time to get in bed I saw the fear in his eyes and told him it was ok for him to go home. That made him relax and we got him home to his own bed. When I told Sam that William was going to go home he was totally fine with it. Reese chose her friend Harper to sleep over and I think Hayes might have been as excited as Reese.The whole night he would follow her around and say, “Ah-per”. Hayes was jumping on the trampoline and Reese and Harper were playing basketball. Hayes kept yelling, “Ah-per, lean!”…asking her to jump on the trampoline with him. She was really so sweet and patient with him. That night we had our usual pizza and a movie night. The kids chose to watch “Wreck-it Ralph”.


After the movie the kids got to make themselves ice cream sundaes. They were messy!!


The night that Reese had her Daddy-Daughter dance, Kristin and I met up for dinner at CFA and took our boys to a movie. Sam and Dylan were being silly when I tried to get their picture.


When I asked the babies if I could take their picture, they did the same thing as their big brothers. It was so cute and silly. Our four boys are so good together!


We took the boys to see Paddington. It was such a cute movie and I am so glad we got to see it. The boys really loved it and it (mostly) kept the attention of the babies.


One Sunday Claire was out of town so we asked Bryan and Hadley if they wanted to join us for a hike at the mountain. It was a beautiful day and we tried out a new trail. We loved our hike through the mountain and saw a family of six deer!


That morning I had stayed home from church with Hayes because he had a mild fever. We decided he would still like to get out of the house and we put him in the carrier. I knew he really didn’t feel good when he fell asleep on Lance’s back.


The next day he still wasn’t feeling well. He fell asleep on the couch watching Curious George. That boy never sits still long enough to fall asleep somewhere. He never showed any other signs of not feeling well other than a fever. I gave him a bath before his afternoon nap and when he woke up his fever was gone and he was back to his normal tornado self.


I got to help out in Sam’s classroom on their 100th day of school. They did a lot of fun activities. These two boys are some of his favorite buddies from class.


Sam’s class had a Valentine’s day party and he wanted to wear his bow tie to his party. He was so handsome.


Hayes and I ran to Target one day to buy the kids some small Valentine’s day treats. Hayes thought he was so cool in this hat and sunglasses. He kept saying “Hollywood!”.


Hayes LOVES dogs! Every time we are at Claire’s house he is constantly trying to pick them up. This day we set the kids up with a movie and Hayes wanted so bad for the dogs to sit in his lap. He cried every time they got down. At one point we saw him spooning with one of the dogs. The dog was being a good sport but we knew he wasn’t going to let that happen for long. Hayes pitched a huge fit on the floor when he ran off. We have no plans to ever get a dog but I imagine this little dog lover will eventually do a lot of begging for a dog of his own.


Monday, February 16, 2015


On the night of Valentines, Lance and I went to a fundraiser event. It was called re/prom and it was a blast!!


Lance’s sweet cousin stepped in to babysit our kids at the last minute when our sitter cancelled on us. I was so grateful for her and her family because it allowed Lance and I to go out and have so much fun and not worry about the kids back at home.


We first went to dinner with our friends, Clint and Kristin. We found reservations at Article 14 the Tuesday before Valentine’s day. We were a little nervous that they had a spot open after we had called around to so many places unsuccessfully. But dinner turned out to be good and we had a great time. The party started at 9:00 pm. I said you know you are old when a party starts at your normal bed time! We were there right on time and took advantage of the photo booth before it started getting crowded.

Mardi Gras appropriate…


Cat Woman and Wonder Woman…we figured our boys would love these pictures.


We busted some moves on the dance floor to fun 90’s songs (plus others decades) for three hours! My feet were so sore once we got in the car and on Sunday. Spending the evening with our sweet friends was just what we needed.

Of course we had to bust out the selfie stick for a group shot…


It has been many years since we have been out that late and had so much fun. It was such a fun night and I can not wait until next year!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Daddy-Daughter Dance

Reese and Lance went to a Daddy-Daughter Dance last Saturday. Reese was so excited for this day to finally come. They got all dressed up and went to dinner together first. I think they went to Ted’s because Reese wanted a burger. After dinner, our friend, Clint, and his daughter came to pick them up and head to a local airport for the party.

2-13-15 003

UGH! I don’t know why all of my pictures are turning out so bad lately. I need to just stick with my phone! I’m sorry they look so washed out.

2-13-15 006

They had a blast! Lance has some really cute pictures on his phone. There was a photo booth, dancing, desserts, and a lot of fun. I am so glad they got to have this special time together and spend some one on one time! Reese looks up to Lance so much and is always doing what he doing from working out to bible studies.