Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mischievous Little Girl

This is how I found Reese the other day. I was trying to leave, I kept calling her name, and nothing. I walked around to find her like this at our computer desk. What a mess!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Flu bug

has bitten Reese. Sunday afternoon she started acting crabby and was warm. We gave her some Tylenol and then she threw it up about 15 minutes later. Since it was close to bath time anyways we went ahead and started the process. We put her in bed a little early and then she woke up at 9:30 screaming. I got her out of bead and she was burning up. I took her temperature and it was pretty high so I kept her in my room where it is cooler to let her body cool down some. Her temp never dropped. She just layed in my arms and wouldn't move. So I let her stay there with us. She woke up again around 1 and I gave her some motrin. She slept the rest of the night but woke up in the morning with a fever still. That morning she just cuddle with me on the couch and would drift in and out. She took three cat naps that morning and would not eat anything. I was finally able to get her in to the doctor that afternoon and they confirmed she has the flu. The good news was that we had finally broken the fever and she was acting like her old self!! She slept great last night even though she never ate much. Today she is our normal baby with a little whining here and there. I have let her be a couch potato today and she ate a great lunch! When I tried to lay her down for a nap she screamed and cried. I let her sleep in my arms in the rocking chair for about 30 minutes and finally put her in her crib. She still screamed but finally fell asleep again. Hopefully she will get a good nap in. Here's hoping for a better day tomorrow!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Our next car...suggestions please

Our lease is up on my car this summer so we have been discussing what kind of car we will get next. Thanks to Dave Ramsey we will not be leasing another car!! We will purchase one...which means we will purchase a used car. We have not ventured out to look at cars but have looked online to see what is available in our price range and what direction we want to go. We have several stipulations. 1) The car has to last a while. We don't plan on buying another car for at least five years. 2) I want to have at least three kids so the car has to be able to grow with us during the next five years. 3) It has to fit in our price range and budget...sorry Dave we will be financing this one for now. We promise to eventually pay cash for one down the road.

So we keep our eyes out for cars we like driving down the road. Jokes are thrown around when we pass minivans. I refuse to drive a minivan...until today. I was thinking about it practically. How easy it would be. How perfect it would be with more than two kids. But my pride just keeps getting in the way. Everything about a minivan seems like the logical choice to make but I just can not see my happy butt behind the wheel of a minivan. But what other choices are out there for a mom with the hopes of three kids??

So my question for you is...

Romantic Getaway

This weekend wrapped up our staycation!! Yesterday Lance and I headed to Chateau Elan for a romantic getaway to celebrate our anniversary. Our time there was packed. We checked in at three and then did a wine tour/tasting at four. The tour guide was a little long winded and I felt like I was at a lecture more so than a winery tour. I am not a huge wine fan...I have a select few that I love and that is it...so I didn't love tasting the wines. At 6:30 we had a couple massage. It was amazing. Just what I needed. It was so relaxing and I loved every minute of it...minutes that went way too fast. We had dinner at 8:30. Dinner was so yummy! Every bit of the food was good. After dinner we headed back to the room for a romantic night. We got to sleep in as long as we wanted!! Before checking out we had breakfast at the breakfast buffet...it was ok...then headed back to my parents house to pick Little Bit up. We were so happy to see her. We had a wonderful time and I am so glad we were able to spend some one on one time together. Happy Anniversary Honey!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

A New Friend

Last night we got to visit with our friends and their new baby, Jocelyn. She is so precious and was so yummy to cuddle with!! It is so funny how quickly you forget how small new babies are. When I first picked her up it was crazy...especially since my baby is closer to the 30 pound mark now!
This morning Reese woke up with pink eye!! What a wonderful surprise. And just what we wanted after having visited with a brand new baby. Now we have eye drops to give Reese FOUR times a day and antibiotics twice a day. Should be fun...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Monkey Joes

Today our fun family outing was to Monkey Joes. First thing this morning we went and had breakfast at Chick-fil-A. Then after CFA we went to Monkey Joes. It is a bounce house where kids are crazy! There were a TON of kids there. I really thought it would be slow right when they opened but I was wrong. There was a birthday party and tons of kids around. We started out in the under 5 area. Reese enjoyed it but I knew she wanted to be where the action was at so we headed out to the bigger kids area. She had a lot of fun. I think she was a little overwhelmed but had a blast. We went on the big slides and ventured in to the climbing areas. I think I had just as much fun as she did!! We ended up running in to our friends from gymnastics. Reese was very excited to play with "Kay-Kay". When she went down the slide with her mommy Reese cheered "Yeah Kay-Kay". We had a lot of fun and I am glad we went!

On our way up the big slide!!

Daddy and Reese

Tonight I went to a sewing class and Daddy stayed behind with Reese. She got to watch Elmo on the computer because she was sad Mommy was gone.

Another fun day had by all!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Two Days Already?

We have had two fun days with Daddy so far! Well, actually yesterday wasn't really with Daddy. Yesterday Reese and I met our friends Mitchell and Nicole at our favorite little indoor playground while Daddy went out and rode his bike. The kids had such a fun time! They played together some of the time and explored everything. Reese was very adventurous. She was climbing up the stairs and sliding down the slides all by herself. She would do it over and over and was so proud of herself. Both of the kids loved the inflatable house. They would climb in and fly down the slide...and I mean fly...their little bottoms barely touched the slide. It was so much fun to watch! They would just giggle and squeal with delight. After playing we went and had lunch with them at Chick-fil-A. Our CFA close by has a great play area that Reese can climb up in to. They both had fun playing there too. We really enjoyed our time with them and hope to do it again soon!!

Today we headed downtown to do Atlanta things. We went to the Imagine It! Children's Museum first thing this morning. We thought we would be some of the only ones there but we were wrong! We got there as the doors opened and shortly after that a busload of pre-k kids came in. Honestly, I felt like Reese was a little too young to really get a whole lot out of the museum. Maybe if there hadn't been so many other kids there she could have enjoyed more of it without having to move along quickly to let another kids use what she was using. I think her favorite thing was the show they had. She just watched with amazement at the actors singing and telling the story.

She also enjoyed all of the play areas. I could have just taken her to the park and she would have loved it just the same. Here she is in the playhouse about the head down the slide.

There was an area where she could put on tap shoes and a costume. She LOVED the way the taps sounded when she stomped her feet. However, this is one of the areas that was way too small when other little kids came running up to play there. We didn't get to play here as long as I think she would have liked.

One of her other favorites was playing in the water. They had a little pond where they could "go fishing". They also had rain jackets that you could borrow so you didn't get your clothes soaking wet!! I loved this little jacket...it looked like a Mermaid!! So cute!!

After the Children's Museum we walked over to the Aquarium. We weren't sure how Reese would do in there but she did great and I think she really liked it!! At first she was scared of being close to the glass. I guess she didn't realize there was glass there and thought the fish could get her. Here she is looking at the alligators. Too bad you can't see her face because it was scared and saying "no". She did not want to be close to these scary guys. I was trying to tell her that she can't touch them and they can't touch her...but she didn't understand.

Her favorite exhibit at the Aquarium was the Beluga Whales...but whose isn't?? She loved seeing them go up and down...she kept saying "up and down" over and over. She would run up to the glass and then run back to us. When we went through the Whale Shark tunnel she kept saying "more fish". I think she said that the rest of the time we were there...she wanted to see "more fish"...and there were plenty to see.

Here is Daddy and Reese after seeing the Beluga Whales. Reese was not interested in posing for ANY pictures today.

On our way back to the car we decided to let Reese play in the coolest park ever. This time she loved the rolling slide...but she would only do it on her belly. Maybe she remembered how jarring it was.

Thanks Daddy for a fun day and for taking all of the pictures!! We love you!!

We can't wait for more fun tomorrow!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Family Time

This week Lance will be home with us. We REALLY wanted to do a quick vacation but I couldn't find anything that I felt was a good last minute deal...darn you Dave!! So, we decided to stay home and do all things Atlanta. Well, that hasn't worked out exactly as planned! We wanted to go to Snow Mountain at Stone Mountain. First problem, it costs a lot of money!! More than we were willing to pay. Second problem, Reese is not tall enough to ride on the tubes and they do not allow tandem riding. So we decided we didn't want to pay all of that money just so Reese could play in the "snow". Next we decided to go to the circus. It has a 12:30 show tomorrow. Since I waited so late to check for tickets there are only $100 tickets left. No thanks! I don't even know if Reese would behave long enough for the $14 tickets. Next we thought about the zoo. The weather has been so beautiful these past few weeks...but when I checked it for this coming week it is either rainy or going to be cold everyday!! So back to square one. We have a few ideas of some other things we want to do this week. Hopefully they will work out!! We can't wait to have some fun family time with Daddy!!

Here are a couple of pictures of this past week...

The wrath of Reese...now that I look at the pictures it doesn't look as messy as it felt. Maybe that is because EVERY room downstairs looked this way so it was making me crazy.

My big girl eating cereal with milk out of a bowl with a spoon...when did she get so big??

Friday, February 13, 2009

A Slice of CHEESE with that, please!!

Reese loves stickers. She would play with them all of the time and stick them on anything if I let her. She first found this love at Kroger. I hate shopping at our Kroger because it is gross but when gas was so expensive I shopped there to save us money on gas!! The baggers would always give Reese a sticker that said, "I've been Krogering". She would take it off and put it on over and over. Wednesday Reese was playing with her Disney stickers. She decided to put them on her head. She is so silly! Later that morning we were going to the library so I told her she needed to take the stickers off her head. She did not want to so I didn't bother them for the ride to the library. I contemplated just letting her leave them on for storytime but I didn't. She was SO mad at me when I took them off her head! Doesn't she look so pleased with herself in this pictures? Maybe next time I will just let her leave them on.

We have been LOVING this nice warm weather!! The other day we walked up to the playground in the neighborhood. Doesn't she look prepared for anything? Snacks...check. Drink...check. Wild hair...check!!

Our new cheesy grin!! It is so silly and funny. It makes me laugh every time she does it.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

As promised

Here is the video I promised in the last post. I need to remember that I can not record vertically with my camera...so lean your head to the left!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Oh Gosh!

Today has been the day of "Oh Gosh"!

This morning a friend of mine was going to watch Reese while I went to the doctor but her little man has been throwing up all weekend. She was gracious enough to still offer to keep Reese but I definitely did not want to put her in that position to have to take care of him and Reese. Having already been through the stomach bug thing I didn't want there to be a chance of Reese to get it again either!! So I loaded Reese up and took her with me.

I had a cute video to post here of Reese saying, "Oh Gosh!" But blogger is being a pain in the butt...I will post it later...Oh gosh!

After Reese's nap we went to the park to meet some friends and enjoy the beautiful weather we are having. We got a LOT of walking in before the babies started getting restless. Then we headed to the playground to play. While on the playground we ran in to a girl we met at storytime. She chatted with us for a little while and then had to leave. We all decided it was time to leave so we were packing the kids up and of course couldn't stop talking. A few minutes later the friend from storytime comes running over for help because her daughter had the keys to the car, inside the car, and locked the doors. Some one was smart enough to say call 911...I didn't know to call them in this type of situation. A firetruck was there within minutes and got the car unlocked. Luckily it was a nice day...not too hot or cold. The baby didn't seem to even know what had just happened. It was definitely a lesson learned for all of us mommies. How many times do we let our kids play with the keys while putting them in the car?

On a non-oh gosh note, remember the "Cute as a Button" baby shower I hosted in December? Well, they had their baby today!! Her name is Jocelyn Reece! We have known them for over seven years now. From the time I met them I have been told they were only having one child. Their oldest will be seven next month...and they just had number 2. Shortly after Reese was born they decided they had to have another baby...and Reese was their inspiration. Congrats guys!!

Friday, February 6, 2009


I know, I know...I have been so horrible about updating lately. It's not that we have been boring around here, it's just that I have not been motivated to get on here and update.

Today we had gymnastics. We are both still loving it. I think Reese's favorite part is to watch all of the other kids and get stamps but she still does her thing too. When I tell her we are going to gymnastics she immediately says "play" and "stamp". She knows she is going to play and have fun and that she is going to get stamps on her hands and feet. She still isn't getting the swing of hanging on the bars but Miss Jennifer didn't seem too worried about that. She said she would figure it out eventually. After we finished gymnastics, we went to lunch with a little girl in her class and her mom (the one that sent me the pictures). We played at McDonald's for over an hour and the girls had fun. I had a wonderful time talking with her mom...they seem to be a GREAT family. Reese and I both enjoyed our playtime and can't wait to do it again!!

We have a super busy weekend planned. I am hoping since it is going to be SOOOO nice this weekend that we can squeeze in some time at the park. It looks like it is going to be nice in to the early part of next week too. I can't wait for spring to get here!!!!!

Here are some pictures of Reese. This one I had to take because she looked so grown up. The face cracks me up. I think she is saying, "Are you really taking my picture AGAIN?" I imagine I will get this look a lot as she is growing up!!

Finally she broke down and gave me a smile but only with the promise of seeing the "baby" on the screen afterwards. She is such a mess.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Lance uploaded a video to his blog from his cell phone...check it out!!! So funny!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Another Baby Shower

Saturday I threw Baby Shower number 2 with three other girls. This shower was for one of my best friends. She is expecting a baby girl in March. She got so many wonderful gifts and we had a lot of fun. This shower's theme was blocks.

Here is the drink/favor table. The blocks in front of the favors say "Take One".

This is the cake Amy bought. I love it and think it was perfect with our theme!!

Here is the gift table. It was almost full even before any guests arrived. The blocks say "gifts".

Diaper cake with the baby's initials on top.