Monday, March 31, 2014


This past week Sam’s teacher held conferences. I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect but I was not expecting anything bad. Sam is pretty good at giving me a report each day of what happens. His class has a green/yellow/red behavior system. Each day he tells me who was on what color and why.

3-28-14 007

One day he got in the car and said, “Mommy, I have to tell you something really bad.”

“Ok, buddy! What is it?”

“I got on yellow today.”


“But the whole class did. Ms. Gaby was telling us all to sit down and be quiet and none of us did. So she had to blow the whistle and we all got on yellow and none of us got “anyM’s”.”

“Oh no! That stinks! Next time why don’t you try to be the leader of your class and do what she is asking you to do. That way maybe your friends will follow directions too.”

“Ok, Mommy!”

3-28-14 011

When I had the conference with his teacher she sat down and said, “I don’t really have anything to say other than Sam is perfect.” She said he is always following directions, tries to redirect his friends who are not following directions, interacts during lessons, and knows everything he is supposed to know. She said she wished she had five more Sam’s in her class.

3-28-14 012

He really is so sweet. I feel so blessed that he is mine. Now, if only I could get him to be that sweet to Reese and Hayes all the time. Ha!

3-28-14 013

I am so grateful that both Reese and Sam always get good reports from school. I truly hope we can make that three for three once Hayes starts school.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Fun Running

Yesterday Reese’s school had their Fun Run from their Boosterthon fundraiser so my little buddy and I went to cheer them on.

3-28-14 023

We walked up right as they were running through the tunnel. Reese was so pumped up about the run so I wasn’t surprised to see her run out with her classes banner. Well, let me back up. I wasn’t surprised once I realized it was her. Usually I can pick her out of a crowd because of her hair. I just look for a big, curly ponytail and find her easily. Yesterday morning she wanted her hair in a braid so I had a really hard time finding her in the sea of all of the other dark hair, ponytail wearing kids.

3-28-14 016

They did a few cheers to get them all pumped up and then they had the National Anthem played. Reese and one of her classmates got to hold the flag.

3-28-14 025

Finally it was time to start the run.

3-28-14 028

Their first lap they had to march around the track.

3-28-14 029

Once they got their first lap marked off, they were free to run. And run they did!

3-28-14 032

Their cap for sponsor per lap donations was 35 laps. However, once the kids finished the first 35 laps, they kept going. Reese ran 40 laps. The track is 1/16 of a mile so that means she ran about 2.5 miles.

3-28-14 033

“Walk like an Egyptian” lap.

3-28-14 040

This was the 35th lap. She was so proud of herself!

3-28-14 042

“Mom, I ran 35 laps!” And then off she went to do five more social laps. She didn’t necessarily run those last five. They were more chatting with friends, etc. around the track.

3-28-14 045

Reese had a great time and I loved watching her be so excited.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Come On Spring!

What a tease some of these days have been! There have been several days that it has been just beautiful. One afternoon a week or so ago, I had a horrible headache. I really just wanted to close the blinds, hide under the blankets, and take a good long nap. However, three kids don’t really allow that. Luckily it was a beautiful day. I set up a chair on our bottom driveway, grabbed a cherry coke zero, took some medicine, and let the kids play. And they played for a long time! They rode scooters and bikes, drove the jeep, and kicked the soccer ball. Reese and Hayes even talked to our neighbors dogs who were outside (in their fence of course). Hayes loves dogs! Our neighbors drove up while the kids were by their fence. They took the dogs out because they were taking them on a walk. Sam darted inside faster than I could blink but Reese and Hayes stayed behind to pet one of them. One dog is wild and excited about the kids and the other is calm, old, and pretty much deaf. The old one just walked up to us and stopped so the kids could pet him. The wild dog stayed with his owner because he likes to jump. By the time we went in to make dinner, my headache was pretty much gone and the kids had had a blast playing outside.

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Hayes–16.5 months

I haven’t done a post in a while dedicated to just Hayes in a while and he is changing so much all the time that I thought I would write an update.

Physically he slowed down in his growth. At his 15 month check up he only weighed one pound more than Sam did at the same age. I am hoping I don’t have to buy too many new clothes for him this spring and summer. We have so many from Sam.

Hayes is so funny! He might be our funniest kid yet. I love any kind of physical comedy. And I think Hayes does too. I think it is hilarious to watch the clips on America’s Funniest Home Videos where people are hiding in random places and jump out to scare some one else. It never gets old. Hayes thinks it is so funny when I do that to him. If I hide outside of his room as he walks out and I scare him he will laugh and run back in to his room so we can do it all over again. He will put things over his head and walk around. When it falls off he will laugh. The other day he found some type of black canvas bathroom bag under Lance’s sink. All of a sudden I see him come stumbling out of the bathroom with it covering his face and almost bump in to the wall. When the bag fell off, he giggled, I laughed so hard at him, and he did it again.

He thinks it is hilarious to take my spot on the couch when I get up. He gets the silliest grin and dives in to the place where I was sitting. When I come back and tell him he is in my spot, he giggles and giggles.

He is all boy! As our neighbor called him, “A man’s man!”. He loves the remote. When he sees it in our bedroom, he grabs it, brings it to me, and grunts to climb up on the bed. If the TV is on, he wants the remote in his hand.

photo 10

If we are at any kind of party or gathering, Hayes will always find the men in the room to play with, hug on, entertain, etc. If there is a ball (or anything that looks like a ball) nearby, he will start throwing it to any man who looks his way. A man at church who occasionally works in his room will see him coming down the hallway and says, “There’s that hoss Hayes!”. Lance is definitely his favorite!

He is a rough and tumble little man. He is a bully to his friends. One of his friends has a pacifier. Every time Hayes sees the paci in his friend’s mouth, he pulls it right out. He pushes other kids his age and occasionally hits them. I really think it is him marking his territory because he gets those same kind of treatments from his brother and sister.

3-6-14 006

He loves to explore. I really don’t get much done around the house because I have to keep an eye on him. I remember when the other two were little and people would say things like that and I just didn’t understand. Reese was always (and still is) at my feet. Sam was good to entertain himself but didn’t get in to much else. Hayes! He climbs the stairs, plays in the potty, pulls all the toilet paper off the roll, and is constantly messing up things that I have just cleaned up. There really is no point in cleaning toys up because he just comes and pulls them all back out.

He is a climber. We turn all the chairs over in the kitchen because he will climb up in them and then climb on the table.

2-14-14 004

He loves snacks. He is forever in the pantry pulling out something to eat. I should probably get used to that as he gets older.

Oh he loves to steal his brothers toys. If there is something that Sam really likes and is playing with, Hayes wants it too.

He doesn’t talk much but has plenty of opinions and makes lots of noise. Here are some things he says…I am sure I am missing a few:
-Ah (eye)…while poking my eyes out
-Huh (hug)…while laying his head on my shoulder
-Thank (thank you)
-Da (dog, bird, any animal really)…and knows a dog says woof, woof
-Uh (uh-oh)
-Cheeeee (cheese)…when smiling for the camera
-Bump…while sliding down the stairs on his bottom he says bump, bump for each stair
-Nana (banana or any other snack)

We love this sweet boy!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Their Hair

Earlier this month we took Hayes for his first haircut. A month or so ago I had the front of his hair trimmed up a bit but nothing big. This time we went to get it all cleaned up. His hair is crazy! We call it the “Russell Br@nd” hair-do. It is almost exactly like Reese’s hair. The difference between the two is that we could use bows and ponytail holders to tame hers. We wanted to keep the crazy curls for a little bit longer so we just had her do an over all trim. She cut about 1/4” off but you really can’t tell. The only place that it makes a difference is in his face because his hair was covering his eyes before the cut.

I wanted to compare all three kids hair at the same age so here it goes…

Reese – crazy! curly! This was taken in the morning before putting it in a ponytail on top.

photo 6

Sam – his was pretty curly in the back and the back grew way faster than the front. The first time we got his cut I am not sure she even had to cut the front. He had a crazy mullet before his first haircut.

photo 8

And Hayes – check out that huge curl right on top of his head. This is pre-haircut.

photo 7

And here is haircut day before and after…

photo 11

See? Not much difference but it is out of his eyes.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Shoe Buddies

A couple of months ago I bought the boys some matching shoes. They were super cute so I just had to have two pair. I also bought both of them a little big. I decided to put Hayes in his the other day and Sam decided to wear his too. When Sam started putting his on Hayes squatted down to watch him and to show him he had the same shoes on. He was so excited.

3-6-14 002

3-6-14 003 

After I took both of the first pictures, I was putting the camera away and Hayes ran over and again and said, “Cheeeee!”. So Sam swooped in and I got this cute picture of them both smiling.

3-6-14 004