Friday, May 23, 2014

Another Fun Day

Today we decided to go to lunch with Lance. We actually brought our lunch and ate in the quad at a table on the fake grass. It was a nice lunch and the kids always have a blast while we are there.



While we were eating about six men from Lance’s office walked up right as I took the last bite of my sandwich. That was awkward! Ha! I am meeting all of these men with my mouth full of sub sandwich. And then I was afraid to talk once I was done with fear of lettuce stuck in my teeth. They were all friendly but didn’t stick around long. One of the men was so complementary of Lance and mentioned that Lance is the best at what he does. That was such a nice thing to say.

Please notice Hayes’ sweet little face in the picture below…


After lunch we headed out for some shopping. Hayes was playing around in one of the stores and smacked right in to the corner of a wall with his right cheek. He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry and he walked away with a nice little bruise on his cheek. After that we headed home for Hayes to take a nap. After naps we had some friends over to our pool for “pizza and a pool night”. The kids played for about an hour in the pool (all except Hayes…he seems to be the smart one…the water is freezing!). Finally the daddies showed up with dinner and we all sat down to eat. While I was getting the big kids food, Hayes took a tumble and caught himself with his forehead. Now he has a huge “boo-boo” on his sweet little face. He is in good spirits though and doesn’t seem bothered by it at all. If you ask him where his boo-boo is, he will point to the top of his head so hopefully that means it doesn’t hurt too bad.


I guess it is a good thing we don’t have family pictures scheduled any time soon!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Reese’s Last Day of School

Reese had her last day of school today. She was super excited and jumped right out of bed. We took some pictures before she got on the bus. And boy does she look so grown up!

5-22-14 005

5-22-14 008

Some good ole silly posing.

5-22-14 012

Sam wanted in on the action too but Hayes was still sleeping.

5-22-14 014

This year’s last day of school went much smoother than last year so we got to have the fun we wanted to have last year. I talked to the mom’s at our bus stop and we planned to have water guns and water balloons for when the kids got off the bus. Reese knew what was coming and was so excited! As soon as they were all off the bus, we soaked them and they loved it. We left the water balloons in the cul-de-sac for them to have fun with and they had a blast.


I think the mom’s had just as much fun because I didn’t get many pictures. The kids were soaked by the time all the balloons were gone and the guns were empty. The mom’s that had middle schoolers asked if they could borrow our sign and guns and decided to refill and wait on their kids to get home. They waited behind some bushes and ambushed them. I was sitting on the front porch and just heard squealing and then see the middle school mom’s chasing down their kids. It was too funny!

Lance got home a little bit early around 5:00 so we decided to go to Moe’s for dinner. While at Moe’s we ran in to one of our neighbors from the bus stop and two kids from Sam’s school class. It was a busy night. We also treated the kids to a Blizzard to celebrate summer and then ran to the mall for a quick second. It is going to be so nice to not have to stick to bedtimes for a little while.

And here is a comparison of the first day and last day. Bows…she won’t wear them much any more. And the first day of school and picture day are usually the only days I can get her to wear her hair down. Sad smile

school comp

I can’t believe I have a second grader on my hands now!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Daddy’s Helpers

One morning Lance was working on the table and Hayes wanted to be out there with him. He was sparring the table and didn’t want Hayes touching it. Luckily it was breakfast time so I just set Hayes up with his breakfast outside so he could watch Lance work. Sam wanted in on the action too.

5-15-14 006

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Sam’s Last Day of School

Sam had his last day of three year old preschool today. I can’t believe his school year is already over.

5-15-14 017a

This year has flown by and he has grown so much.

5-15-14 021

His school had planned a family picnic today with bounces houses and lots of outdoor fun. However, the rain changed all of that. They decided to have an indoor play day. Each classroom had a fun activity set up and the classes rotated from one room to another.

5-15-14 032

The kids seemed to really enjoy themselves even though the rain ruined what they were most excited about.

5-15-14 046

I think Sam’s class liked the parachute the best. They were crazy in this room. They shook the parachute like crazy, bouncing balls all around it. At one point all of them huddled under the parachute and were giggling and giggling.

5-15-14 049

Sam and his best buddy from class, Caleb

5-15-14 052

Sam and the cutie he said he is going to marry, GiGi. However, “she is NOT my girlfriend…I am just going to marry her”.

5-15-14 053

Sam had a great year this school year. It was a little overwhelming for me because this school is so much bigger than our old preschool but we survived. It is officially summertime for this sweet little boy!


Thursday, May 8, 2014

Hayes ~ 18 months

Hayes was 18 months on the 1st. Wow! He is getting so big. He doesn’t have many words but he makes a lot of noise! He knows what he wants for sure.

He spends a lot of time in his stroller because we are always on the go with the big kids.

5-7-14 060

He is usually pretty good about it until he finally realizes that Sam is running around. And then he wants out!

5-7-14 075

He still loves to hang out with the men around…

photo 11

His most favorite place to be is outside! He loves to run around, throwing any kind of ball he can get his hand on. I have no doubt he will be some type of athlete. He discovered the fun in the sprinkler over the weekend. Lance turned them on to water the grass, Hayes was fully clothed running through the water.

He likes to have his picture taken if it is his idea. He will see the camera in my hand and say “Cheeeee”. If it is not his idea we get a very serious, non-smiling picture.

5-7-14 011

He is not friendly to most people around. If you try to say hello to him, he will pretend like you are not there or shake his head no. However, again, if it is his idea he will wave to everyone and act like the friendliest kid around. One day he was doing this in the grocery store and everyone was ignoring him. Finally an older lady walked by and said hey back to him and he wasn’t sure what to do. He is also a bit of a bully to his friends. He has started pushing them with a huge grin on his face. I think he is just playing but he experienced his first time out over the weekend for being mean to his friend. He did not like that!

He is not a big fan of having to take a nap but he sleeps great!

5-7-14(phone) 308

He is dramatic! He screams if he is not getting his way…like having to take a nap.

He is rocking the curly hair! It is pretty amazing!

5-7-14(phone) 379

He loves the water! He loves baths! He will fight Sam to be able to sit closest to the running faucet. If he sees Sam getting undressed faster than he is he tried to jump in the tub with his clothes on. One day Reese turned the shower on to warm up and didn’t close the door. Hayes got in and was soaking wet by the time I saw him. He was so happy! I think he is going to love the pool this summer!

5-7-14(phone) 447

We just turned him around to face forward in the car a couple of weeks ago. He thinks he is such a big boy now.

5-7-14(phone) 436

He is healthy! We had his well visit this week. He weighs 26 lbs, 7 oz (79%). He is 32.75” tall (61%) and his head is 18.75” round (57%). He is still bigger than Sam was at the same age by about a pound and 3/4” but his head is the same size.

Happy 18 months, Hayesey Baby! We love you!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

She Scores!

Soccer season is over. Our Saturdays are free again for a while. Most of Reese’s soccer season consisted of a lot of character building. Her team lost pretty much every game they played. This was most of their first/second season playing U8 with five kids on the field, including a goalie. In the seasons before they have only played 3 v 3. To wrap up the season, the Y put on a tournament. They brought a bunch of YMCA leagues in our area together and tried to match them up against teams that were on a similar level. The girls had so much fun actually getting to play instead of getting beat!

5-7-14 012

They played so well together. They passed well, talked well, and just overall looked great! They tied their first game, won the second, and lost the third (to a team they played in regular season). And Reese scored!! She actually scored twice that counted. One other time she scored but they called it back because they said there had been a hand ball right before she scored. The other time it hit the inside of the post…which I am pretty sure counts but since the refs were high school girls you can’t really get mad at them.

She also experienced her first injury. There was a girl in the second game that was a beast. She could kick the heck out of the ball and will probably make a great defender one day. Some how one of her balls ended up on Reese’s nose. There was some crying but no blood. I think she was more scared. Her coach called me over to comfort her and I gave her a cold water bottle to hold on her nose. See below…

5-7-14 046

After their final game, they had cupcakes and received their trophies. The girls were most excited about that all day!

5-7-14 076

The thing I am most excited about is that Reese has said she wants to play again in the fall. She has done so well and I think she could be really good at soccer if she keeps it up!

5-7-14 080

Monday, May 5, 2014

First Grade Show

The week we went back to school from spring break all of the first graders put on a show at Reese’s school. The music teacher used animal book to make a musical. It was pretty cute. I, of course, forgot my good camera. Fortunately I had my small camera in my purse.

These are some of Reese’s best buddies in class.
Ava, Reese, and Sydney (with her little sister)

5-2-14 003

With my little camera, I couldn’t really get a great picture of Reese on the stage.

5-2-14 004

It was a cute show and Reese had a blast! She really loves to perform.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Surprise Party

This past weekend was a busy one. We were on the soccer fields both days due to make-up games. In between the fun of soccer, my cousin threw my uncle a surprise 60th birthday party. He thought he was going to a wedding shower for Becca so when he walked up to all of his friends and family saying “SURPRISE!”, he was truly surprised. At one point he looked at my aunt and said, “This is unreal!”. It was sweet!

I, as usual, forgot my camera. I was so sad not to have it but I used Papa’s camera instead. His is way nicer than mine anyways. He was manning the video camera so I used his still camera. Here are two pictures from that day.

Papa and my monkeys

5-2-14 012

Reese had a soccer game at the same time as the party was starting so Reese, Lance, and Hayes all missed the surprise. They were able to make it about an hour after Uncle Hawk arrived. Reese was excited to see everyone and not miss out on too much.

The picture below is of the men. My uncle’s go-to outfit is khaki pants and a white button-up shirt. So, all of the men dressed the same way. Too funny!

5-2-14 013

What a sweet, special day!