Monday, April 30, 2012

14 weeks

I am officially in the second trimester of the pregnancy. It has gone by so fast! We found out super early in the pregnancy process so part of me feels like I have been pregnant for a long time but part of me feels like it is not even possible. For the most part I have felt great. I had one day that I felt like I couldn't get off the couch right around the eight week mark. Other than that one day of feeling sick, I have just been tired most days. And that is still the case right now. It is easy to forget you are pregnant when there are not any symptoms. Unfortunately, some of the not so fun side effects have started now. Oh well! It's all part of the game, right?
Reese has loved learning about what is going on with the baby each week. Sam loves to poke my belly over and over. Today we learned that Baby Gummy Bear is about the size of a lemon. Both of the kids talk about the baby and call it Baby Gummy Bear. It is so sweet to hear them pray for it too.
Ok, so it is a little weird to call the baby "it". I think when I am talking about the baby it is best to call "it" him. I have no idea what I think the sex of the baby is. Lance and Sam both say boy, of course. Reese has always said girl until this weekend when she changed her mind.
I am going to do my best to keep up with this pregnancy on the blog. I feel like I don't have much written about the other two and wish I did.

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Thursday, April 26, 2012


We are all back to our healthy selves! I was the only other person to get some of Sam’s stomach bug but it was very, very short lived. Thank goodness!! Now hopefully I can get back to picture taking and blog updating.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Just Breathe

So many situations this week have happened where I need to remember to just breathe.

*Sam has had a stomach bug all week! Uggghhh! Each night I go to bed, holding my breath, just waiting for the sound. The sound that is going to keep me up for another hour cleaning up, rocking, and settling the little one down. Having throw up or worse all over you will make anyone queasy. To be honest, cleaning up stomach bug remnants while pregnant is way worse than when not pregnant. Finally, today seems to be going well. Sam seems to be in the clear and Reese has shown no signs of getting it either! I feel like I can breathe.

*Wednesday, I was so bummed Lance couldn’t come with me to the ultrasound. When the tech started the ultrasound, I said a little prayer for no bad news while I was there alone. Once the doctor came in and said everything looked good, I could breathe.

*Today, I got a follow up call to the blood test done on Wednesday. She said everything looked perfect. Breathe!

*So this one is funny! Coming home from ballet today my jeans felt a little snug on my stomach. I undid the button on them and could breathe a little easier. Of course, today would be the day that there was a police check point on our way home. There I am with my pants unbuttoned and belly hanging out. Luckily I threw my purse in my lap to get my ID out and I don’t think he noticed. Ha!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Guess What…

guesswhat4x6 copy

Baby number three will be here around October 29th (I would be willing to bet that it will be November before we see this little one though). We had an ultrasound today and everything looked great. The baby was very active and wiggling all around. We are going to let the sex be a surprise this time around since we found out what the other two were. We are excited about that!

4-18-12 12w2d

Reese and Sam are both very excited about this baby. We have been talking about it for about six weeks now and they just get more excited. At first, Reese didn’t believe us but then she started telling anybody and everybody who would listen. Sam likes to make up silly names for the baby. His favorite name to call the baby is “Baby Gummy Bear”. That seems to be the one that has stuck during most conversations and nighttime prayers.

Sam has been fighting a stomach bug the last couple of days so he and Lance had to stay home from the ultrasound. When I told Sam he was going to have to stay home, he cried and said, “But I want to see Mommy’s Baby Gummy Bear!”.

When we were seeing the baby on the screen, Reese could not understand what anything was. She said it was just gray and wasn’t really interested. Once we got the pictures and I could point to what everything was she liked seeing it.

We are all excited about meeting this little one and feel so very blessed to be adding another one to our family.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Soccer Picture

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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sam as Yogi Bear

After seeing the Yogi Bear 4-d movie at Stone Mountain last week, “Hey Boo-Boo! Where’s my pic-a-nic basket?” has been uttered a lot around here. Here is Sam’s impersonation of Yogi Bear.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Swim Lessons

The kids started swim lessons yesterday. We are going on vacation before our pool gets opened so I wanted to make sure they were comfortable in the water before we went. They were both super excited about getting to go to the pool.

4-12-12 006

Reese was in a class with out me but I had to be in the pool with Sam. I was really hoping he was old enough to do it on his own but no such luck. I personally think he is ready to move on but the rules say he has to have a parent in the water with him until he is three at the place we are taking lessons. And can I say how not fun it is to go swimming when it is so cold outside?!?!

4-12-12 007

Sam’s class was first. He got right in the water and did exactly as he was told. I was surprised at how much he remembered from lesson last year. Reese was perfect during his class and sat in the parent watch area.

After Sam’s class, it was Reese’s turn. She did so great. She remembered everything as well and looked like a pro. Her teacher was out so they had a sub. After class, the sub told me that her teacher would probably have her move up to the next level because she had mastered everything from the level she was in.

I was so proud of both of my little fish. I think we are going to have a blast this summer in the pool and at the beach. Reese told me this morning she wished it was still Wednesday. When I asked why she said so she could go back to swim lessons. I can’t wait for summertime!!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

This morning started bright and early. We decided it would be best to go to the early service at church to avoid the big crowd later. We got everyone ready quickly to be able to check out the Easter bunny stash. The Easter bunny made a decision to go easy this year so there wasn’t much of a “stash”.

4-8-12 008

4-8-12 013

4-8-12 019

4-8-12 022

Once we finished that it was off to church. We stopped for our weekly donut holes and made sure to keep Sam’s Easter clothes covered so we didn’t make a huge mess before we even got to church. We actually went to church last night too because they had a service but we just worked that service. Reese was excited that she was going to get to do the same stuff again today. Sam, as usual, was not excited about being there at all. Lance and I really enjoyed the service.

After church it was off to visit with Lance’s family. We had lunch, blew bubbles (which is why Sam is topless below), the kids had an Easter egg hunt, and played a ton on the trampoline. They had a blast!

4-8-12 031

4-8-12 043

Ephesians 1:9 “…He made known to us the mystery of his will according to his good pleasure, which he purposed in Christ…”

Friday, April 6, 2012


Everyday Sam climbs up on the stool in my bathroom, grabs Lance's deodorant, and puts it on. He thinks it is so funny and that he is such a big boy like Daddy.

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Stone Mountain Day

Yesterday was our first day of spring break and we spent it at Stone Mountain with some friends.

4-3-12 001

They have a new area called Geyser Tower that Reese and Maddie had fun playing on.

4-3-12 002

Sam and Joci were not interested at all so they played in a little creek area instead.

Next it was off to the obstacle course. Reese was a little nervous at first but did a great job.

4-3-12 011

Sam wasn’t big enough for the whole thing but Lance let him try out a few of the pieces.

4-3-12 012

4-3-12 014

After the obstacle course it was off to eat some lunch and relax a bit.

4-3-12 020

There were Easter activities in a tent as well as the Easter bunny. I am sure you can imagine how well that went over with our two who are scared of “dressed up people”.

4-3-12 022

We got a chance to ride the train after an ice cream break.

4-3-12 025

Besides the pollen, it was a perfect day to spend outside.

4-3-12 029

Before we left we were able to see the Yogi Bear 4d show.

4-3-12 034

The little kids were being so silly before the show started.

4-3-12 036

Once we got in to the show, Sam was not interested in it at all. He did not like getting sprayed by water or any of the other effects.

We had a great day as a family. I am so glad Lance was able to take a day to spend with us on spring break.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Fun with Friends

Yesterday, a friend of Lance brought his two girls over for us to all visit. Reese and Sam love to hide the empty Easter eggs around the house and wanted the girls to bring their Easter baskets over so they could play too.

4-1-12 007

After many games of hiding the eggs inside we decided to put some candy in the eggs and have the daddies hide them outside.

4-1-12 008

The kids were very excited to hunt for the eggs.

4-1-12 009

Even the little ones did a good job hunting.

4-1-12 010

4-1-12 011

There was one golden egg that was the last egg to be found. All of the kids were on the hunt while the Dad’s played hot and cold with them to find it. You can tell they all must have been warm.

4-1-12 012

Reese ended up finding the golden egg with MUCH help. They had fun and wanted to do it again but it was nap time for the little man.

4-1-12 013

We had a lot of fun visiting with them yesterday and can’t wait to see them again.

Girls Night Out

Friday night I was able to go out with some girlfriends for a girls night out. It was so needed and so appreciated. We started the night at Rosa Mexicano in Atlantic Station for dinner. After some yummy guacamole, drinks, dinner, and lots of talking and laughing we were off to the show. We went to see “Motherhood the Musical” at the 14th Street Playhouse. The show was cute and pretty funny. I had never seen a show there and it was a nice little venue. We had a great night out and I was happy to come back home to my little rugrats. One who happened to be snuggling up next to me in my bed all night.

4-1-12 006