Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Atlanta United

We went to our first Atlanta United game on Sunday! We tried to get tickets to the first game but that didn't work out. When we looked at the schedule this game worked out perfect for us. We were all SO excited! We have been watching the games on TV and Reese has picked out her favorite players. Of course, we had to get some apparel for the game! Old Navy for the win!

Since the games are being played at Bobby Dodd stadium for now, we decided it would be best to take the shuttle from Atlantic Station. 

The shuttle drops you off right at the tunnel that takes you under the highway and then you are on Georgia Tech's campus.

We had tickets in the upper deck and they were a great view of the game. For the first twenty minutes or so, there was no one sitting in front of us so we had a great view of the field. Thankfully that is when all the action happened in this game. Three goals were scored during that time. Right after the third goal a group of young adults came and since soccer fans think they need to stand during the whole game, they blocked our view a bit.


Reese LOVED being there!

The boys were pretty indifferent! Hayes fell asleep right at the end of half time so I sat with him for most of the rest of the game.

We left at the 75 minute mark mainly to beat the crowd getting out of there.

After the game we went to Flip Burger for dinner.

And then headed home...watching this beautiful sunset on the way. Pictures can never do justice to a sunset but this one was pretty amazing. The clouds even made it look like mountains off in the distance.

We loved our day at the game and can't wait to see another one again soon!

Friday, May 26, 2017

School's Out for Summer!

Wednesday was our last day of school!! WOOHOO! We took the typical last day of school pictures before they headed off.

Fourth grade was tough this year. Her school tried a new advanced curriculum model for fourth graders and had a lot of kinks to work out. The first nine weeks were a big learning curve for everyone but after that Reese did great! I have to say we are both looking forward to fifth grade. Seriously though, that is crazy to say...FIFTH grade!!

Sam had a super sweet first grade. His teacher was such a sweet, loving teacher. She sent the sweetest email one day telling me how much she enjoyed having him in her class. He learned a lot this year and made a lot of friends. The funniest thing from this year was how often his classmates traded things on their Fun Friday. He has 30 Shopkins sitting in his toy box and I have not paid for a single one. They would trade all kinds of toys (he even traded one of Hayes's toys...that didn't go over well).

Movie' on up...5th grade and 2nd grade, here we come!

We weren't sure how the weather was going to hold up for our fun last day of school activities. Hayes and I got the water balloons and water guns ready just in case the sun was shining. Luckily, the sun came out about an hour before they got home from school and they had a blast. Unfortunately, I did not get one single picture of the fun!

Last year we went straight to Six Flags after school and then White Water the next day. This year it didn't work out for us to do that so we just went to Six Flags on Thursday. It was the perfect Six Flags day though. The weather was amazing and the crowds were low. We had so much fun there!

This was definitely the year of the dab. Goodness! Dabbing all the time!

I finally got to ride Dare Devil for the first time and it was SO much fun! It was the smoothest ride I have ridden at Six Flags!

Playing while the other kids ride some roller coasters. I don't know why Sam is such a stinker right now about rides. He has ridden the roller coasters he is tall enough for but he just doesn't ever want to ride them anymore.

And just a comparison from the first day of school and the last day. Sam picked out the same outfit for both days. He has fewer teeth and a whole lot more hair.

I can't put my finger on what it is that makes Reese look different but she definitely does. Maybe she just looks older.

YAY for summer!! We are ready!

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Economics Day

All of first grade had Economics Day on Friday. There are five classes and each classroom was a different type of store/experience. For a couple of weeks the kids earned money for good behavior and different tasks throughout the school day. Sam walked about of his class for the first stop with $45. 

The first room they went to was a salon. They could get their hair spray painted, fingers nails painted, massages, and tattoos. Hayes had to tag along with us since school was out already and Sam was super sweet with him. He offered to pay for everything Hayes did (which was almost everything Sam did). Most teachers didn't make him pay for Hayes though.

The next stop was a theater. They each had to pay $3 to get in to this classroom and then they could choose if they wanted to buy popcorn and a juice box. They watched an episode of Phineus and Ferb.

Next up was a game room. I didn't spend a lot of time in this room because I went back to Sam's classroom to help out some in there. I think the only things they really paid for in here was candy and water.

The next stop was a dance party which they also had to pay to get in to. The room was dark, there was a disco ball, strobe light, and music playing. They could buy glow in the dark necklaces and water in there. I didn't stay long in there either.

The last stop was the Ice Cream Parlor. This was in Sam's classroom. It was $2 for plain ice cream or $5 for a Sundae. There were not many $2 purchases. Most kids seemed to have a little ice cream with all of their toppings.

All of the kids seemed to have a blast! They were so cute with their money. Many of them would get worried because all they had was a $10 bill and they needed to pay $3. They didn't understand the concept of change. Luckily Sam has played Monopoly enough to know that you can get money back. I don't know exactly how much money Sam had left over but he did a great job spending his money wisely. He would think about what all was left to do before he paid for something. I'm so glad I got to go to be a part of this day with his class. Reese's first grade teacher did not participate in Economics Day when Reese was in first grade so she was a little jealous of what Sam got to do. Hayes had a blast just hanging out with Sam and lucky for him he will get to do it again in the next few years!

Friday, May 19, 2017

Hayes's Last Day of School

Hayes had his last day of school on Monday. He was so excited about it!

I asked him to show me his happy dance.

He is so cute!

His class had a pizza party and then an ice cream truck came at the end of the day. 

Hayes is so funny about his teachers. I know he loves them but he refused to take a picture with them. Finally I was able to talk him in to it. This was his assistant teacher and we just loved her. We see her around a lot because our kids go to the same school and her sons play baseball at the same ballpark. Whenever we would see her Hayes would act all shy and not want to say hey.

This was his head teacher and she was great. She was pretty strict with the kids and expected a lot of them. It was a nice balance to have and Hayes learned so much! They did Zoo Phonics this year and each night Hayes would ask me to "ask me my animals". We do five letters each night. (A...Allie Alligator says...; B...Bubba Bear says...)

Hayes and his best buddy from class. I'm so glad they get to be in class together again next year.

First day and last day comparison...