Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A New Chapter

It's been a week since I last blogged and our lives are completely different. Last Wednesday I was admitted to the hospital at 4:00pm because I was in labor. It wasn't any kind of crazy situation like my water broke and gushed out or that I was having contractions every 5 minutes and almost didn't make it to the hospital. On Wednesday morning I had a few questions about things that were happening so I called the doctor. He told me to come to their office immediately. When I got there they stuck me on the contraction monitor and I was definitely having contractions. They sent me to the hospital to get things started. Around 8:00am on Thursday the contractions started getting stronger and I was waiting on the doctor the arrive. She was busy with another lady so I had to wait. Finally after an hour of pushing, at 10:56am Reese was born and life has been amazing. She is a perfect baby and we could not ask for any better. Lance has been the perfect husband and daddy. He has done so much to help out. My mom has been staying with us since Sunday and has done more than we could ask. We have been enjoying every moment with Reese and have loved everything about being parents. Our lives will never be the same and we are so thankful...

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Still waiting...

We are two days over due...and I am getting bored sitting at home waiting. I have my fingers crossed for today. I have been waching A Baby Story on TLC today. Um...maybe not a good idea.

Maybe the next time you check back I will have had the baby...keep your fingers crossed.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Due Date

Well today is the due date of the baby but it is 5:00 and I am sitting on the couch...so I guess she is not ready to make her appearance. I went to the doctor this morning and it doesn't look like things are ready yet. We scheduled an induction for the 23rd so that is the latest we will have her.

Today has been super boring. I guess I should enjoy these boring days because they are not going to happen again for a long long time.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Cat Deeley

What was she wearing last night?? She looked like she was going to a middle school dance. Her dress was horrible...right out of the 80's and her hair was even worse! Apparently they do not have mirrors back stage. I have looked everywhere for a picture from last night but can not find one. Oh well...trust me...it was bad.

Finally Cedric is gone from "So You Think You Can Dance". He definitely could not dance. His poor partner was taken down with him but I am OK with that. I didn't really enjoy her all that much anyways. Right now my votes are behind Lacey and Cameron (until they split up the couples...we will see how Cameron does with out her) and Neil (his partner can go and I will be OK with that).

3 more days...

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Two more days

Two more days of work...Hallelujah!! Work has been stressing me out lately so I decided that instead of working up until the baby comes that this Friday will be my last day whether or not the baby is born on Monday. So this time next week I will either be relaxing at home or snuggling with a new baby. The doctor said she will only let me go one week over my due date so I will only be at home for one week with nothing to do if she decides to stay snuggled in my belly.

A friend of mine that I met in yoga class had a c-section yesterday. I can't wait to hear how they are doing. I am sure she will send out an email in the next week. Hopefully everything went perfectly for them!! I am kind of jealous that she knew an exact date that she would be having her baby. I feel like I am kind of wondering around lost right now...at least I have the 23rd as a final date.

Tick, Tick, Tick...

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Less than a week

We have less than a week until the due date of the baby. I can't believe we are within that time frame. It is extremely scary, nerve-wracking, and exciting. I can't believe we are almost done with the pregnancy and moving on to the next phase. I had my 39 week doctors appointment today. There is still no signs that labor is soon though. However, she has dropped a tiny bit. I could tell she had yesterday and the doctor mentioned it today. I asked Lance if he could tell if she had dropped and he couldn't tell. Just to the left of my tailbone started hurting on Saturday so I think that is another sign that she has dropped. She is sitting on something that is causing pain. It gets worse as the days go by but I can tough it out for a few more days.

Last night Lance took pictures of my belly so we would remember what it looked like right before the baby was born. It looks really weird...like I am hiding a basketball under my skin. I am happy with the way it looks though and I hope to get it back to normal soon.

Needless to say I think we are both ready for the baby to get here. My doctor is on call Friday so maybe she will decide to make an appearance that day...we will see. Or maybe not...I just realized that is Friday the 13th...hmmm...maybe we can wait another day.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Wedding Weekend

This past weekend Lance and I spent most of our time downtown for Donnie and Carrie's wedding. Friday night they had their rehearsal dinner at Sweet Lowdown. It was very yummy and a great place to hang out and mingle with everyone. Then Saturday morning we woke up and started helping out for the day's festivities. The wedding was beautiful!! Carrie looked amazing and everything seemed perfect. Being at a wedding as some one who is married is always great! It reminds you each time of why you have married the person you have and reminds you of the vows you made. I hope I never forget the feelings I had on my wedding day and I hope I always am reminded at each wedding I attend of the commitment I made.

Friday, July 6, 2007

What was I doing?

My brain is mush. I can't remember a thing. I will be about to start something and I won't remember what I was about to start. Or I will be in mid-sentence and not remember what I was talking about or where I was going with the story. What a mess!!

Oh and by the way...

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Two Fridays

This week is kind of nice. We have two Friday's in one week. Having a Wednesday off has been great. Maybe we can have Wednesday's off every once in a while. It might make the week better.

Our 4th of July was nice. Nothing too crazy. We spent time at my parent's house with my sisters, aunt, uncle, and cousin. It was relaxing. We didn't see any fireworks but we definitely heard them from downtown Acworth and then from the neighborhood kids shooting them off until 11:00. Oh well. I might get angry about that once I have kids and it is keeping them awake but last night we didn't even complain about it.

This weekend Lance is in a wedding. It is going to be a beautiful wedding and I am excited about going!

11 days...

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Still Ripening...

We had our 38 week visit today. Everything is still going well. She is still comfortable in my belly and has not started to move down any. She will start moving when she is ready. I think after this weekend I will be ready for her to make her debut...but I bet she will wait until at least the 16th...probably later.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Hormonal and Dangerous

Last Friday was my last day at the gym. I cancelled my membership because I knew there was no way I could get there in the mornings or afternoons due to having to get to day care. There is an LA Fitness near our house but it is gross. Anyways, I have yoga for the last time tonight so I packed up some clothes to bring with me. Adrienne bought a shirt for me a while back that says "Hormonal and Dangerous" which I packed for yoga. Who would have thought it would be so perfect for today? These last few weeks are definitely emotionally draining. I guess since this pregnancy has been so easy something had to give...so it is my emotions.

When most people are stressed out they have several ways to release that stress. When you are pregnant...those ways are not allowed. I can't go for a run...and believe me the second the doctor says it is ok I will be out there running. I can't go for a drink...a margarita would be nice. What is a poor pregnant lady to do?? I guess I have to live with these crazy emotions a little longer!

Only two more weeks of pregnant emotions...and then different types of emotions will kick in I am sure.