Wednesday, June 26, 2013

We've Moved...

More to come once I feel more settled...and have Internet.

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Rapid Fire

Hayes' brain is on rapid fire right now. In the last few days he has learned to crawl, learned to clap, and learned to wave. All while trying to cut the other three top teeth. Needless to say, there have been many sleepless nights and lots of fussiness. And that is just from me. ;-)

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Monday, June 17, 2013

Father’s Day

Last year we went to the restaurant at our local airport for Father’s Day. We really enjoyed it but because it was only the four of us we didn’t have a table right at the windows to see the airplanes. We said if we did it again we would have a bigger party because they got the tables at the windows. A friend of mine heard me say this and said they would go with us. So this year we went as a big group to celebrate the dads.

Our reservations were for a mid-afternoon brunch and we got to sit right on the windows. The kids were super excited. We saw a bunch of airplanes take-off and land.

6-17-13 001

6-17-13 002

One of the planes we saw was this vintage bi-plane below. You can also see a corporate jet taking off behind it.

6-17-13 003

After lunch my friend asked if we could go out by the plane to get some pictures. Luckily the pilot said yes. All of the kids were excited to be so close to the plane…ok, so the parents were pretty excited too.

6-17-13 004

Happy Father’s Day, Lance. Thanks for being such a wonderful dad to our brood. They are blessed to have you.

6-17-13 005

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

He is sooo close

He can inch forward just a bit. He gets so frustrated. He will be crawling soooo soon.

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Chunky Monkey with teeth

Hayes weighed 19 pounds, 12 ounces today. We went to the doctor for his monthly vaccine. When I was telling the doctor how bad he slept last night and lately she checked his gums. We noticed that he has randomly cut his left eye tooth. No front two teeth yet but I imagine they are not far behind.

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Monday, June 3, 2013

Babysitter Wanted

Just under two years ago we were having a horrible time finding a reliable babysitter. Fortunately I met someone who recommended a sweet sixteen year old girl who had just started her junior year at a local private Christian school named Taylor. The first night we had her babysit we came home to a clean kitchen with the dishes hand washed and sitting on the counter to dry and the kids were asleep in bed. I knew that moment that she was our girl. And told her she did not ever have to wash our dishes again. I also knew that the day would come for her to graduate and go off to college. That day has sadly come and I don’t know that we will ever find another babysitter that is as amazing as her. I am kind of in denial about this and don’t want to think about it. The kids love her…well, Reese and Sam. Hayes wants nothing to do with me leaving him behind. We did try that one night and he cried for 45 minutes. She finally sent us a text and asked us to come home.

Saturday we went to her graduation party and finally got to meet her sweet family. We were so happy to be able to celebrate her graduation with her even though I just wanted to tell her she wasn’t allowed to leave! We are going to miss her so much. We are super proud of her and will definitely keep her busy on her summers and school breaks!

6-2-13 002

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Seven Months Old

I am a day late in getting this post up but Hayes was seven months old yesterday. I snapped some very informal pictures of him this morning before we started getting ready for church. I think these might be my favorite of the monthly pictures though because I really think they capture his personality.

At seven months old:

*He loves to blow raspberries (is that what they are called??). He will mimic us when we do this and the big kids get a kick out of it. He thinks it is pretty funny too.

6-2-13 003

*We had a rough couple of weeks with him where it seemed like all he was doing was crying. He would wake up three times a night and was sleeping horrible during the day. While his naps aren’t getting much better, he seems to be doing better at night (minus last night where I was up every two hours with him…let’s hope that was a fluke). For several nights before that he only woke up once a night.

6-2-13 005

*He will give me kisses when I ask. I haven’t seen him do this with anyone else yet. When I say, “Gimme kisses!”, he will open his mouth really wide and lean towards my mouth. It is some slobbery goodness.

6-2-13 006

*When Lance sticks his hand out and tells Hayes to give him a high five, Hayes will reach his hand out and slap Lance’s hand over and over.

6-2-13 007

*He wants to crawl sooooo bad. Like I have said before, he can get where ever he wants by rolling around. When he is seated on the ground he puts his hands down and turns his legs to try to move. He will walk his hands forward but can’t figure out how to get his left leg out from under his belly

6-2-13 008

He is trying so hard though and can still usually get what he wants. Both Reese and Sam sat themselves up from lying down right before they started crawling and he has not even attempted to do that. It won’t be long though.

6-2-13 010

*He is very vocal and still overall a pretty happy baby. He is usually content but when he is not every one knows.

*He is absolutely attached to me and if I walk away from him he screams the most pitiful scream/cry.

6-2-13 012

*He is not a big fan of solid foods. I was trying to feed him some mixed vegetables the other day and he was making the funniest faces. The kids and I were giggling at him and I captured this video…

*Sam is starting to get a little rough with Hayes and we always warn him that one day Hayes is going to get him back. If I had to bet, I think Hayes will be bigger than Sam eventually. When we compare sizes at the same age Hayes is two pounds heavier and 3/4” taller. I had to buy Hayes new clothes because he is too big for the clothes we have from when Sam was this age. I bought Hayes all 12 months clothes this last trip. They seem to be perfect.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Waiting on the Tooth Fairy

During spring break I noticed that Reese’s bottom two teeth had a gap between them that hadn’t been there before. We realized those teeth were slightly loose. Last week Reese came to me and said that the bottom right tooth felt funny. I gave it a little wiggle and it had loosened a good bit more. I told her it wouldn’t be long until it was time to pull it. Each day since then Lance has asked her if he could pull it and she said no. This morning he told her it looked like it was ready to come out. She would not let him do it but then asked me to pull it. I don’t know why but the thought of pulling her tooth grossed me out. But I told her I would give it a try even though I was not ready for her little smile to change. It was a chapter I wasn’t ready for.

I got some dental floss and tied it around her teeny tiny, sweet little baby tooth. I really didn’t know how to pull a tooth. While Lance recorded it I went to pull the tooth and the dental floss slipped right off. He stopped recording and I tied the dental floss on again. I was just kind of messing with it trying to see where it needed to be and how tight I needed to pull it.

6-1-2013 001

Before Lance could even get the recording going again I had pulled Reese’s tooth. He got it started right as the tooth came out.

6-1-2013 002

There were some tears because she said it hurt a little. She also said she was so glad she did it though.

6-1-2013 003

When we first noticed that her teeth were loose I went on to Etsy and let her pick her own tooth fairy pillow out. She chose the owl in the picture below. It has a little pocket on the front that the tooth/money sit in. She is super excited to see what the Tooth Fairy brings.

6-1-2013 004

A couple of weeks ago I went to a Scholastic book fair warehouse sale and saw a tooth fairy book. I decided to buy it and give it to Reese when she finally lost her first tooth. Tonight we read it before bed. It was just a silly little book but fun to read.

6-1-2013 005