Friday, July 30, 2010

My Girl

She is girly

7-30-10 016

But has a tom-boy side

7-30-10 019

She doesn’t like to get dirty

 7-24-10 010

But she loves to wrestle

When I look at her I see something familiar

7-30-10 048

It could be in her eyes

She is sweet

7-30-10 014

Yet sassy

She is an entertainer

Yet shy

She is such a mess

7-24-10 221

And gives me a run for my money


But I wouldn’t change her for the world!!

Still here

We are still here...just staying busy!!! Little man is trying to crawl and his big sister is getting very excited about school starting again! Hopefully I can get some new pictures put up soon! Here are some from my phone to hold you over.

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Jumpy Fun

Last night we finally got to enjoy the jumpy…in the shade…with no rain…and a slight breeze.

7-26-10 001

Some of our friends from the neighborhood came over to play too.  Emma, Reese’s friend, is three months younger than her.  We met them at the pool when the girls were just babies.

7-26-10 013

There was a slide on the jumpy.  Reese loved it but it took Emma a little while to warm up to the slide.  She finally did it and loved it…but then it was time to put the jumpy away.

7-26-10 015

The daddies worked hard taking down the jumpy.

7-26-10 017

While the girls took a popsicle break under the tent.  It was soooo hot still! 

7-26-10 019

Sam enjoyed just being outside with everyone and watching the girls occasionally.

7-26-10 022

The jumpy was a beast! 

7-26-10 023

It took a lot of hard work to take it down and roll it up.

7-26-10 024

And then it took all four adults to put it in the truck.

7-26-10 026

I am so glad the girls got to play in it for at least a little while.  They had so much fun!

Ok…the parents had a lot of fun in it too!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hot Party!!

Today’s forecast was 20% chance of rain with a high of 96. 

Today Reese and I had a joint birthday celebration…her 3 mine 30!

7-24-10 166

The party was to start at 4:00.  We rented a Princess bounce house with a slide and 30 chairs for guests to sit on outside.  We put a tent up, a stereo, and a table outside.  We decided to put one of the tables and several chairs inside once we realized how hot it really was…hard to breathe hot!  We also decided to keep all of the food inside so people could have a reprieve from the heat.

At 3:45 that 20% chance of rain turned in to 100% chance of a major thunder and lightening storm.  The wind started to blow so hard it was like a tornado wind.  Lance ran out to get the stereo equipment. We turned the power off to the jumpy for fear of it being damaged.  The tent became drenched with water and began to sag.  The chairs were soaked.  The table cloths flew away.  I am pretty sure it was lightening in our backyard.  Trees fell over in the neighborhood.  And then the power went out!  For almost two hours.  We had the entire party in our house with no power.  It was hot!!!  But we had a great time visiting with all of our friends and family. And the kids certainly did not seem to notice.

Reese ran around all party with our sweet friend Maddie.  She said that Maddie was her big sister.  

7-24-10 153 

At bath time I asked Reese what her favorite part of her party was and she said opening presents.  All of the kids loved that part!

7-24-10 190

She got some great gifts and her friends were soooo generous!

7-24-10 216 

Aunt Becky, Aunt Leah, and Su-Su gave Reese a soccer goal, ball, socks, cleats…the whole soccer works.  She looked so cute in her cleats!!

7-24-10 229

And Sam spent most of the party looking like this. I think he was completely over stimulated, tired, teething, and needy.

7-24-10 227

Even though the party did not go exactly as we had planned it was a great time with all of our friends and family!  We are so grateful to everyone who was there to celebrate with us!!  Thank you so much!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Monday, July 19, 2010

Her Birthday

What a day we have had!  It has been packed full of fun!

7-19-10 001 

Reese has been talking about chocolate cupcakes with sprinkles for weeks so I made some for her the night before.

7-19-10 002

Since Lance was out of town I let Reese have a “sleepover” in my room on her birthday eve.  She had the best night of sleep she has ever had and woke up with a smile on her face.

7-19-10 003

Even though we bought the playset for Reese’s birthday I could not let her birthday go by with no gifts.  So, I had a bucket of presents sitting on my nightstand for her when she woke up.  It was a Dora bucket with a squishy ball, a princess pen, stickers, and some knock-off Silly Bandz (these were called Character Bands in the shape of Disney Princesses).

7-19-10 005

She also got two Barbie Dolls once she got downstairs.  She loved the Barbie Dolls and played with them most of the day.

7-19-10 009

For breakfast she wanted a cupcake so I let her have one.  I figured that wasn’t any worse than a doughnut!

7-19-10 012

After breakfast we went to a spray park in Roswell.  We took our lunch with us and I took the cupcakes so we could celebrate Reese’s birthday with her friends.

7-19-10 020

Sam had his own little water spout just his size to play with.  He loves to play with the water coming out of the faucet in the bathtub so this was perfect for him!

7-19-10 025

It took Reese a little while to warm up but once she did she had a blast!

7-19-10 027

Reese’s friends Maddy and Mary went with us.  They had such a great time!!

7-19-10 029

7-19-10 016

7-19-10 034

7-19-10 041

After nap time we headed to Chuck E. Cheese for dinner.  We invited a couple of friends Reese’s age to go with us.  The girls had such a great time playing together!  They each road the carousel a dozen times.  It was so funny to watch them.  Each time they finished a game or ride they would run back to the table for another token.

7-19-10 060

7-19-10 062

7-19-10 068

7-19-10 070

Reese had such a wonderful day with her friends!  I am so glad she was able to celebrate her special day this way!

Thank you to all of her friends who were there to play with her today.

Reese got to stay up late to wait for Daddy to get home.  He got home around 8:30 and then gave her a couple more gifts.  She was so happy to see him and tell him all about her day. 

What a fun, fun day!

Happy 3rd Birthday, Reese!

I can’t believe it has been three years since we first laid eyes on our beautiful, dark, curly headed little girl!  Her big blues eyes immediately captured our hearts and held on tight.  These last three years have been so much fun with Reese.  She is spunky and sweet…sugar and spice!  And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!!!  We love you so much!

6-26-10 043 (2)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Fun Weekend!!

Lance has been out of town for the weekend.  The kids and I decided to go out to my parents house Saturday night and spend the night there.  We just hung around the house Saturday night.  Sunday morning I ran a few errands for Reese’s birthday.  Around lunch time we headed to the pool with Becca.  We had fun!  After the pool we went home and I put Sam down for a nap.  While Sam was napping all the girls went to the nail salon.  There is a salon that has kid size spa chairs so I wanted Reese to get to go!!

Reese was a little nervous at first.  She didn’t know what to think. 
7-18-10 019

But she quickly warmed up to being pampered.

She kept a smile on her face most of the time.  Especially once she saw how cute her nails were looking.
7-18-10 024


It was the cutest thing I have ever seen.  Her little feet just dangled in the warm water.
7-18-10 020 

She sat so still and didn’t mess up a single nail.  She loved the “fireworks” on her big toes.
7-18-10 026

As soon as she was done she wanted to get up so she went and sat with Aunt Becky while her toes dried.
7-18-10 028

We went to eat Mexican for dinner afterwards.
7-18-10 030

7-18-10 032

Becca told our waiter it was Reese’s birthday.  They came to sing to her and she did NOT like it.  As soon as they walked away she started crying.  I just laughed.  She was soooo tired so I was not surprised at her reaction.
7-18-10 035

We had a long, busy, and fun weekend!!  Reese was asleep with in five minutes of us being on the road.  Tomorrow is the sweet girls birthday!!!!