Saturday, September 17, 2016

September Happenings

Our church held their own Olympic games one night and our team won a couple of medals.

Lunch with my girl at school. She told me that every day she looks for me hoping I will be there to have lunch with her!

Go, go Power Ranger! It is so crazy to me that Hayes is now the age that Sam was when we moved in to this house. He is wearing Sam's Halloween costume from that first Halloween here.

Reese is cheering again this fall which she still loves.

One night while Lance was out of town I took the kids to play tennis. It went better than I thought it would and Reese hung the longest out of every one. It was fun!

Silly boys!

Hayes and Denver both have Thursday with no siblings and no school so they have been having fun together! This day we went to Sky Zone and they had a blast! They didn't stop jumping and running for an hour and a half!

Cheer practice one night the high school girls stunted with the little girls.

Waffle House for dinner!

Sam had to have a sleep study done so this was us at CHOA waiting to get all set up.

While we waited we watched Monsters University while snuggling in the bed together. He was nervous but did great.

This picture is a little scary but it is just wires everywhere. He fell asleep pretty fast around 9:00 PM but I slept terrible. It took me two days to recover. Around 12:45 AM, the fire alarm started going off! It was terrible but luckily a false alarm. Sam went back to sleep pretty quickly and then she came in an hour later to adjust some of the wires that were not reading correctly. It took him a little bit longer to go back to sleep that time. It snuggled in bed with him until he fell asleep and then went back to my sofa to try to sleep some more. They woke us up at 5:00 AM and we were home by 6:00 with doughnuts in hand. I went back to sleep until 8:00 AM and then we were off to church. They called us this week and said his study went great and that he did not seem to have any problems sleeping! Our ENT was worried his tonsil size was obstructing his airway at night...that was the reason he had to do this sleeping study.

Reese and Maddy were playing with make-up one night and then I found this picture on my phone.

Sam had state testing at school this past week and his teacher sent this banana home for him to eat for breakfast on the first day. I thought that was so sweet of her!

It is only half way through September so I am sure there is so much more fun on the horizon!

Friday, September 16, 2016

Fall Ball

This season Sam and Hayes are both playing baseball. Sam is still "eh" about baseball but Hayes is in love! Each season we ask Sam if he wants to play baseball or take a break and he always wants to play. But each season, he complains about it. I think we will have him take a break in the spring and try something else. However, Hayes is all in. He wants to play/practice all the time.

Lance has always helped out in coaching Sam's teams but he decided he would be the head coach for Hayes's team. Unfortunately, he was out of town the week of their first games. He was so bummed to miss them. Both games just happened to be at the same time, on the same night, two fields apart from each other. I did a lot of running back and forth that night and definitely was not dressed appropriately for that. Reese was also at cheer practice at the same time so as soon as the games were over, we raced to the car to go pick her up.

Before game picture...it is too funny that they each are on the "Sox"...Hayes is the Red Sox and Sam is the White Sox.

Hayes's first moments of his game and he was in the pitcher's circle. He was a little overwhelmed out there and not sure exactly what to do. Remember with soccer he didn't love all the parents yelling. I think this was similar because you could tell he was embarrassed being out there. He quickly warmed up though and had fun!

I stayed and watched Hayes at his first at bat but I don't have any pictures of it because I was FaceTiming with Lance so he could see it too. After Hayes batted I raced down to Sam's field just in time to see him up to bat.

And then back to Hayes...

And then back to Sam...Luckily Kristin was there with me to laugh at how crazy we were.

We have so many friends out at the ball park that were just laughing each time we would run by. We have one more night that the games are at the same time. This time I don't think it will be as stressful because Lance will be there with Hayes and I won't feel like I am missing Hayes's very first time playing.

Lance and Clint are coaching the babies (yes, we still call them the babies because they will forever be the babies of our families) team and we got so blessed by the fact that Sam and Dylan ended up on the same team. Once you are playing baseball, you can not request friends or coaches so it was truly a blessing for them to end up on the same team. There was a lot of happy dancing when we found out!

And we can't forget about our sweet sister cheering! Actually she is usually making videos and playing with other sisters, but she is there none the less.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Three Year Old Preschool

Hayes started three year old preschool today. He was so excited that it was finally his turn to go to school. Last night when we were talking about school he asked if he was going to get to ride the school bus. He was disappointed when I said no. 

We met his teachers yesterday and they seem really sweet. I am so bummed that I forgot to take a picture of Hayes with both of them. He is going to school three days a week and gets to eat lunch at school this year.

When I was trying to take his first day of school pictures, the cute ones came in between all these silly ones...

As I was playing with him and taking his pictures, I glimpsed his sweet freckles and long eyelashes and had to take a close-up picture. I am so glad he cooperated for this shot because it is my favorite.

I loved hearing how his first day went in his sweet little voice. I know he is going to love school this year. 

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

First Day of School

Yesterday Reese and Sam had their first day of 4th grade and 1st grade. How did summer go by so fast? We had such a fun and busy summer that it flew. While we were all ready for a little routine back in our lives, I still missed them yesterday and wished we still had some more summertime fun together.

Last Monday teacher post cards were supposed to arrive in the mail. When Reese got her postcard she was bummed at first because it wasn't the teacher she was hoping for. However, once she found out one of her best friends was in her class, she was thrilled. She ended up working through her disappointment in her teacher and decided that she got the very best one. Sam's postcard didn't make it to our house until the day of meet & greet so we had to call the school to find out who his teacher was. On Monday when his didn't come, I said, "Surprise! I forgot to tell you I am homeschooling you!" He yelled YAY!

This little 1st grader had a hard time being excited for school. None of his friends from last year are in his class this year, while about eight of them are all in the same class together. His K class had a really sweet bond. He was pretty upset that only two kids from last year are in his class this year and kept saying he didn't know anyone in his class. I told him he didn't know anyone in his class last year but now has 17 new friends so the same thing can happen again. He isn't buying it.

He had tears in his eyes the whole way to his classroom and kept looking up at me with his puppy dog eyes. Even this morning he was still not happy about it and asked me to call the principal and move him in to the class with his friends. I told him that we prayed this summer about their teachers and that they would be put in the perfect class for them and so we know he is where he is supposed to be even if he can't see that right now. Still, he is not buying it. I know he will be fine but I thought about him all day yesterday.

This brave girl has been so excited about school starting. She is so social and loves to be at school with her friends. She loves her teacher already and could not wait to go back again today. When we were walking in to the school she told me I didn't have to walk her all the way to her class so she gave me a quick kiss good-bye and headed on to her classroom while I walked Sam to his class.

Getting our annual first day of school pictures...

That 5:30 am wake-up call had me struggling around lunch time!

I couldn't wait to see them get off the bus that afternoon. They both had a great day. Reese told me all about her day in detail while Sam didn't have much to say. Even at dinner, Lance and I were trying to drag things out of Sam but he wasn't spilling much. I'm not sure if that is the difference between boys and girls or Reese and Sam. Ha!

I am excited for the kids school year and to see how much they grown and change over this next school year!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Fun Day!

Last summer my friend Kristin and I surprised our kids with a Fun Day in downtown Atlanta. Since that day, our kids have been asking what we were going to do this summer for a Fun Day. The summer was crazy busy and we almost missed out on Fun Day but we made it happen this last week of summer. I woke my kids up early singing that it was Fun Day. They all woke up super excited but their behavior getting ready almost cost them their fun day. When we got to Kristin's they seemed to be having a similar morning so we just laughed it off and headed towards Helen with smiles on our faces. Our girls decided that Fun Day had to be something that we had never done before. Kristin and I finally settled on tubing down the river. 

We had no idea what we were getting ourselves in to. When we paid the girl at the checkout she said, "You guys are brave!" As we were boarding the bus to take us to the drop off spot, a man in line said the same thing. We looked at each other as if to say "Are we crazy?". One of the sweet workers on the bus helped us get all eight of us in to the river in our tubes and took our picture. Our tubes had bottoms which ended up being the best thing because that water was cold! Kristin and I each attached our tubes to our babies, the girls were attached and our middle boys were attached.

This picture makes me laugh because Hayes is still dry. He kept reaching over his tube in to the water and I kept telling him he was going to flip in to the water but he didn't listen. Right after this picture he toppled right over. His face was hilarious when he popped up out of the water. Like I said, the water was cold so it was a big shock.

The girls did great. We kept joking that Maddy was meant to be a river guide. She did a lot of work. Because there has not been much rain this summer, the river was a little low and we got stuck on rocks quite often. Every time I looked, Maddy was working hard to get them off a rock by using the push stick or climbing out and pulling them around the rocks. Reese was just sitting back and letting Maddy do the work.

We tried to stay together but we would get separated occasionally.

The boys were so cute on their tubes. They did great too but needed a little more help and wanted to be close to us.

There was a stop we could make and play on these water slides. The kids had a lot of fun doing this but I don't think we would do that again.

We ended up having so much fun and I am so glad that is what we chose for our Fun Day. Next time we would definitely buy (or bring) a push stick for each set of tubes and wear some type of water shoes. Other than that it was such a fun, exciting day and we can't wait to take the daddies back next time!