Sunday, September 22, 2013


Friday, the boys and I went “hiking” with some friends. One of my friends let me borrow her backpack carrier for Hayes. He enjoyed it the first half of the hike but the second half he was done.

photo 1

Saturday morning Sam had soccer. It rained the whole time. When we got in the car we were both dripping wet. The kids still had fun playing soccer in the rain!

photo 2

Saturday afternoon, Reese got to go to her first bridal shower. She thought she was such a big girl.

photo 3

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Behind the Scenes

This is what happens when I am cooking dinner…

9-8-13 001

9-8-13 002

9-8-13 003

by the way…that horrible loud dishwasher is officially gone. we replaced it last week and we love our new one so much!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Busy Fall

Our busy fall has officially begun. Sam is finally getting a chance to try out soccer for himself. He was pretty excited leading up to the game.

9-15-13 012

He is playing for the Y just like Reese has done in the past (and will hopefully do again in the spring). This season, however, the Y got sneaky. They called a meet and greet for the teams last Sunday. When we arrived to meet our team, one of the men in charge at the Y came around to each team and said that one of the parents had to volunteer to be the coach.

9-15-13 016

That parent turned out to be me after everyone just kind of starred at the man like he was crazy. Anyways! How hard can it be to coach U4 micro soccer, right!?! I have years of experience watching my sisters play in soccer games. Ha! And I played a few years of recreation soccer. All they need to know is not to touch the ball with their hands…which we are working on…and which goal to kick the ball in…again, working on that.

9-15-13 017

It actually turned out to be so much fun! It was funny and entertaining. The kids seemed to really enjoy it! At each kick off I would ask the kids which goal we were going to. There was always one kid that pointed to the wrong goal. It cracked me up every time.

Sam scored one goal!!!

9-15-13 019

Our biggest challenge for the next six weeks is timing. Sam’s games are at 9:00 each week and Reese’s are at 10:00. Lance and I had originally planned to take turns taking each kid to their games but now that I have to be at Sam’s games it is a little trickier.

9-15-13 032

It will be a fun fall for sure though! Reese and Lance plan on skipping one of her games so that they can watch Sam play at least once. And Sam and I will always be able to make it to Reese’s games by half time.

9-15-13 050

I am excited about all this fun. However, it makes me a little nervous once all three kids are old enough to be in activities. We will have to make sure that we always have friends on the same teams so that we can help each other out with bussing kids around.

9-15-13 051

Friday, September 13, 2013

iPhone pictures

She loves the glasses at Target.

Playing with friends

Baby deer in our backyard...the mamas were there too

Lunch with Reese at school

Sam waiting in carline at school

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Remembering 9/11


As I looked at pictures on AJC today, they seemed like another place and another time. One picture in particular got me. There is a picture that almost looks black and white but the people and everything around them are covered in dust from the fallen buildings. I can’t even begin to imagine what was going through their minds. I am sure they felt like they were dreaming. I can’t believe it has already been twelve years…

Sunday, September 8, 2013


For a couple of years Reese has been asking to be a cheerleader. I had been putting it off because there was no where near us that was not competitive. I didn’t think Reese needed to be in any sort of competitive cheering at this age so we waited. Once we moved we found a church that has Upwards cheerleading. They cheer for a flag football team. It is easy, sweet, and not any competition what so ever.

9-8-13 011

They learn bible verses at practice and pray before games.

9-8-13 013

And Reese loved it!

9-8-13 015

9-8-13 022

9-8-13 035

Tonight when I asked her what her favorite activity is that she has ever done, she answered cheerleading. The only thing I am disappointed about is that there are no little girls on her squad that she goes to school with. I was really hoping that she would meet some new girls through this. If she really enjoys it we might have to switch over to the association team next year just so she can meet other girls from school.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


I forgot to include Hayes' newest trick since last month. He now says "da-da-da" when asked. I guess he is following in Reese's footsteps.

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Ten Months Old

It seems like I just wrote out a post about Hayes being nine months old a few days ago. Where does the time go? How has one month gone by so fast?

9-3-13 003

Hayes keeps growing and learning more every day. He has such a mix of Reese and Sam’s personalities. The two of them are so different and he takes parts of each of them.

9-3-13 008

Hayes is super mobile. He climbs on everything. His favorite place to be is on the couch. He loves to throw himself around on there and dive from one side to the other. It makes me a nervous wreck though. He also loves to climb in and out of his chair all day. Climbing up on the fireplace is something new he has been testing out. I try to tell him no when I see him even thinking about it. So far he is pretty good at listening…ha!

9-3-13 011

He is a rough and tumble true little boy. I know the second he figures out how to walk he is going to tackle Sam. He loves to watch Sam and Daddy sword fight, wrestle, and play together.

9-3-13 022

He is a big fan of Daddy. He gets so excited to see him and will dive in to his arms. Neither of the other two did this so I think it makes Lance feel special.

He will use anything and everything to help himself walk. There are constantly chairs being moved around the kitchen and laundry baskets sliding across the floor.

9-3-13 025

He is doing a great job sleeping. I am so happy that he sleeps about 11 hours each night. Some nights he will wake up around 5:30, I will nurse him and he will go back to sleep. He usually takes two naps a day at about an hour each. His afternoon nap is sometimes longer.

He still only has six teeth. He is trying to cut the other two teeth on the bottom. I know because he is constantly biting me. Ugh!

9-3-13 001

I can’t believe we are so close to him being one year old!!