Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

First of all, thank you to all who have sacrificed and are sacrificing for our freedom!

Today we spent time with some friends.  We cooked out, visited, and had a lot of fun!  I think pictures will do better than words for how today went…ok, so I might throw a few words in here and there.

Matching outfits…so yummy!
5-31-10 003 5-31-10 010

Water fun
5-31-10 056

5-31-10 067

And water wars…
5-31-10 063

The guys were having way more fun than the kids had all day.  As you can tell, Lance lost.
5-31-10 079

5-31-10 081

Sunday, May 30, 2010


We have had a visitor with us for the weekend.  Lance’s cousin Claire visited with us from Thursday to today.  Reese was in love!  She followed Claire around everywhere!  If she couldn’t see Claire, she was yelling her name.  “Cwaiwre, Cwaiwre!”  If she could see her, she was constantly talking to her, playing with her, snuggling her.  I bet Claire is sleeping well tonight in her own bed because I know Reese wore her out!!

5-30-10 016

Thursday night we went to eat some bbq.  Lance and Claire both had been craving it so it was an easy dinner night for me!  After dinner they put the canopy on Reese’s playset.  Later we all took Reese up for a bath and it was the beginning of THE biggest meltdown I have ever seen Reese have.  Seriously I thought she was possessed.  She screamed and cried like she was on fire.  She didn’t get to have any books read at bedtime and I closed her door (which she has started to hate…once she was asleep I opened it back up). 

Friday she woke up in a good mood.  We had our typical gymnastics/Chick-fil-A morning and then came back home for naps.  Everybody took a great nap that afternoon (including the big kids).  We had pizza and a movie night that evening and watched “Princess and the Frog”.  It really is so cute!  Bath and bedtime went much better that night!

Saturday morning we went to a farmer’s market while Lance worked in the yard.  We didn’t find anything fabulous there but Reese had a blast with the water fountain.  I did buy some homegrown honey…yum!  That afternoon Lance’s parents and one of his nephews came over to cook out and visit.  Reese always has fun with her cousins. 

Today we got up early and went to the early service at church.  We got home, Claire was able to talk to her sweet hubby (who is in Afghanistan) on the computer, and then Lance took her to the airport.  The kids and I took a nice nap and then we headed out shopping.  I got some new clothes.  I am adding to my wardrobe slowly!  And it is much needed!

We had such a wonderful time visiting with Claire this weekend!  Hopefully we will see her again soon!!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Thursday, May 27, 2010


While these guys finished putting up the canopy on the playset…
5-27-10 039

5-27-10 024

This little guy tried to pick the ladies up…
5-27-10 013

with his giggles…
5-27-10 033

and baby blues…
5-27-10 036

She is so serious about her work!
5-27-10 078 copy

She got tired of helping and decided to play…
5-27-10 052

Her favorite swing on the playset is the see-saw swing. 
5-27-10 087

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

So Proud!

I am so proud of Reese right now. In August we started potty training. She pretty much immediately took to going #1 in the potty with a few accidents here and there. But #2 was a different story. We struggled and struggled with it. She would have accidents or just not go at all. She seriously could hold it for weeks at a time. We tried all kinds of bribes. The winner for a while was popsicles in the bathtub (since it was winter time). "Pock-a-siples", as she calls them, are still a great motivator for her to go #2. After a really trying time I promised her Chuck-E-Cheese if she would just go! That was such an exciting day for her!! A few days later we had a couple of setbacks.

But then over night she started going! Alone! She would call my name and say, "Mom, I went poop!" I thought it was a fluke. But she was really doing it. I don't know what happened in her mind but she finally got it! What a relief! Now she is occasionally going to the bathroom all by herself. She will do the whole routine...potty, wipe, flush, hands wash...all by herself. Sometimes she still wants me to help her but I think that is just for attention. I am so very proud of how far we have come. It was such a hard time having a newborn and potty training. But here we are six months later and she is like a whole new child!

I am a proud mommy!!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

An Early Birthday Present

We bought Reese a playset for her birthday this year. I hope she loves it!! We wanted to have the whole summer to enjoy it so we went ahead and bought it and Lance and our friend Donnie put it together yesterday.

This morning Reese woke up at 7:00, came to my room and said, "I want to go outside and play". I made her wait a little bit longer but we were out before 8:00.

Summer fun here we come...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dora Day

This morning we went to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens for story time with our friends Kiera and Mary.  The special guest story teller was DORA!!  Reese has been scared of people dressed up in costumes lately so I was a little worried about how she would react to Dora.  On our way down I talked to her about how she didn’t need to be scared of people dressed up in costume but if she was scared it was ok.  She could just look away, not talk to them, or hang out by me.  She didn’t have to cry, etc. 

No need to worry though!  Look how cute this Dora was. 

5-19-10 027

Reese was so excited to see her.  Dora read about five or so books (I wasn’t really paying attention because I was trying to keep Sam quiet).  Reese smiled and interacted the whole time. 
5-19-10 032

This was Reese’s view of Dora.
5-19-10 033

After the stories were done they let the kids say hello to Dora and have their picture made with her.  At first Reese said she didn’t want to see Dora but luckily Kiera was already in line with Mary when Reese changed her mind. 

Reese immediately gave her a hug and had the biggest smile on her face. 
5-19-10 034

5-19-10 035

Mary wasn’t so sure about Dora so Reese tried to show Mary that Dora wasn’t so bad by sneaking back up there to see her again.  When we were walking away she said she wanted to see Dora again. 
5-19-10 036

After the fun story time we headed over to the Children’s Garden.  We stopped at a few water fountains on the way.
5-19-10 038

The children’s area was cute!  There were some fun things for them to do.  There were slides, tunnels, gardens, ponds, and so much more for them to see.  It was a little too crowded to be pushing a double stroller so next time I will just carry Sam in the front carrier.  Reese is behind the waterfall here.   
5-19-10 039

Reese and Mary’s favorite thing to do was play in the water!  Unfortunately we didn’t know about this ahead of time because we would have brought their swim suits.  There were a bunch of kids whose moms were prepared.  We let the girls play in it anyways.  At first Reese didn’t want to take her shoes off. 
5-19-10 042

But once they were nice and soaked she decided it would be more fun with out shoes.  She was having so much fun jumping in the puddles.
5-19-10 044

I wish I got a picture of Mary because she was in there with just her bloomers on and was soaked.  She was running in and out of the water that was shooting up from the ground and the water falling from overhead.  She had a blast!
5-19-10 045

Luckily I had a change of clothes for Reese in the car.  We will definitely be playing in the fountains at Centennial Park this summer!

When we got home I realized I hadn’t taken a single picture of Sam so I was snapping some when Reese joined in.  I love this picture!

On the way down I had this conversation with Reese:
Reese: Mommy, tell Sammy to lean back.
Me: Why?
Reese: Cause he is looking at me!

On the way home we had this conversation:
Reese: Stop Sammy!  Mommy, tell Sammy to stop.
Me: Stop what?
Reese: Touching me!
Me: Well, if you would take your foot out of his face he wouldn’t be able to touch you!

Oh the backseat wars!  I remember those well.  I didn’t think they would start so early with my kids!!

We had a great morning and I am so glad we were able to try something new today.  It was definitely what this group of three needed this week.  It has been a rough couple of days.  I think Reese is really missing school and her time away from us!  Hopefully if I can keep things fresh and new so that she will not get too bored with us!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Atlanta Day

Saturday we had a fun Atlanta day.  We started our day at the zoo.  It was going to close early because of a fundraiser that evening so we went there first thing in the morning.  There were not too many people there and the animals seemed to really be active.

My favorite animals of the day were these cute guys.  The baby got stuck up in the tree so the mommy went after him and brought him down on her back.  The last time we saw them they were just stuck in their little room but this time they were out and about in the trees. 
5-15-10 080b 

These little animals we active too…
5-15-10 113

The orangutans were hilarious!  They were putting on a show the whole time we were watching them.  The little one would swing, roll, and jump around.  Then the mommy would reach her arms out to him to pull him up.  They were so sweet.
5-15-10 190

Reese was, as usual, in heaven with her favorite girls.
5-15-10 219

5-15-10 255

The weather was perfect to be at the zoo.  It wasn’t too hot because it was cloudy but it never rained!
5-15-10 288

5-15-10 301

The pictures end here.  We didn’t take the camera out again.

After the zoo we took the kids to The Varsity for lunch.  We all enjoyed some greasy food and each had a Frosted Orange…except for Reese who said it was “yuck”…even though she didn’t even try it.  She would have loved it if only she had tried it. 

After lunch we went to the aquarium.  I think the girls had a good time.  We have been there several times now and still just don’t love it.  I just don’t like the set up of it and it is always ridiculously crowded.

We gave the girls the option of heading home after the aquarium or playing out in a grassy area between the aquarium and the World of Coke museum for a little while.  We really wanted to go to Centennial Park but there was a kite festival going on and it looked packed.  They wanted to play a little bit longer so we did.  The girls spun, rolled, ran, and played hard.  A lady even walked by and took a picture of them because it looked like they were having such a great time.  While I fed Sam some fruit Lance ran around and raced with the girls.

It was such a fun day!  Reese was so tired and grumpy at the end of the day and we were worn out!  On Sunday after church we were getting lunch ready.  I asked Reese what she wanted.  She said she wanted to take a nap without eating lunch.  So she did.     

Rainbow fingers

Reese loves to do crafts. If only I was a little more crafty!! I am on a mission to find fun things to do this summer and inexpensive crafts is on my list!

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

We have a tooth!

Sam's bottom right tooth has finally cut through the gum!! He is chewing on everything trying to get the left one in. And he is not happy about it...

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Friday, May 14, 2010

My Goal

To get as many pictures of Sam as I can while he still has his cute little gummy grin! His bottom two teeth will be in any day now. He has had a rough couple of days/nights!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sam is Six Months Old!!

Today I took Sam to his six month check-up.  The little man is growing so much!  He weighs 17 lbs, 7 oz (49%), is 27” long (71%), and his little head is 17” round (33%). 

What is the little man up to?

Sam is sitting up so well now!  He can sit for a long amount of time.  I think he loves seeing the world from this new position.  Yesterday I let him ride in the car at the grocery store with Reese for a little while.  He was smiling and laughing the whole time.  He didn’t make it the entire time but I know once he is better at sitting longer they will love riding together.


His bottom two teeth will be coming in any time now.  He has had a couple of bad days with his mouth hurting.  He is a drooling machine and has a runny nose.  I feel so bad for him and all I can do to help him is hold him.  He will chew on any thing that is near his mouth.


Yesterday at the park I put Sam in the swing next to Reese for the first time.  He LOVED it.  He smiled and giggled while looking for his giggling sister.


He is super inquisitive.  He reaches and tries to grab anything that passes near him.  At the doctors office she had a hard time listening to his heart because he kept reaching for the stethoscope.  He is constantly trying to grab the spoon when I am feeding him and this makes for a big mess sometimes.


This little guy is such a flirt.  He will smile at any one who looks at him.  He is such a happy little guy!


I am behind in posting this but last Sunday we had Sam dedicated at church.  Us being the fabulous parents that we are forgot our camera.  My mom brought hers though so hopefully I can get copies of those soon. 

Sam is such a special blessing to our sweet little family! 

Happy Half Birthday, Sammy!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the wonderful moms that I know! 

Last night I had a conversation with my aunt about being a mom.  She said something to the affect of don’t you have more of an appreciation of your mom now that you are one yourself. And I said absolutely!  Especially since she had three kids at my age and her third child when I was Reese’s age now.  Yikes!  And I thought this was hard!!

Mother.  I don’t let Lance say “Mother” about me.  It sounds like he is mad at me or that I am 80 years old.  Mom, Mommy, Mama, Maaaaammmmeee-a, and Nay (as Reese says sometimes) are just fine. 

Being a mom who gets to stay at home is what I have always wanted. I am so blessed!

It means getting to see this…

and this…


And play with this handsome guy…1  

and this sweet angel…


And hearing this giggle…

And watching these shows…


All thanks to him…

And HIM, of course.