Monday, April 23, 2007


I love when we are productive and boy were we productive this weekend. Friday the office closed early (I work for a great company by the way) and Lance was at home because he had to work that night. So we went shopping for bedding for the nursery. We found a really cute beach themed set which was right up my alley. Lance has pictures of it on his blog if you want to see. Saturday morning we got up early to register at Babies R Us, Target, and The Baby's Room. Then we went back to the place where we bought the bedding and bought a dresser there we liked. After buying the dresser we took it home and put it together. It took us at least two hours to do that..but we didn't fight while doing it which is a bonus. We don't work very well together some times. HAHA!!

Saturday night was fun. We went to a friend of Lance's house to have dinner and watch a movie. Well, they watched the movie...I fell asleep as usual.

Yesterday, we went to church...which was wild. There were 32 kids in the Kindergarten/First Grade class. That is a lot at our church. We thought things would start slowing down after Easter but it has just picked up steam. Not that we are complaining. It is great that our church is growing and that we are running out of room to house everyone. After church Lance worked in the yard, I did laundry and went grocery shopping. Then we did a little more in the nursery. Needless to say, this little monkey is going to have the most decorated room in the house. We still have some work to do in there but over all it is coming together nicely. I can't wait until we are done in there. It is so cute!!

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