Monday, June 3, 2013

Babysitter Wanted

Just under two years ago we were having a horrible time finding a reliable babysitter. Fortunately I met someone who recommended a sweet sixteen year old girl who had just started her junior year at a local private Christian school named Taylor. The first night we had her babysit we came home to a clean kitchen with the dishes hand washed and sitting on the counter to dry and the kids were asleep in bed. I knew that moment that she was our girl. And told her she did not ever have to wash our dishes again. I also knew that the day would come for her to graduate and go off to college. That day has sadly come and I don’t know that we will ever find another babysitter that is as amazing as her. I am kind of in denial about this and don’t want to think about it. The kids love her…well, Reese and Sam. Hayes wants nothing to do with me leaving him behind. We did try that one night and he cried for 45 minutes. She finally sent us a text and asked us to come home.

Saturday we went to her graduation party and finally got to meet her sweet family. We were so happy to be able to celebrate her graduation with her even though I just wanted to tell her she wasn’t allowed to leave! We are going to miss her so much. We are super proud of her and will definitely keep her busy on her summers and school breaks!

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