Thursday, March 19, 2015

Life Lately

Hayes started taking gymnastics. It has taken him several weeks to get comfortable with going out on the floor with out me. Each week I have to walk him out there and he will just stand on the edge of where his teacher is and watch. I am hoping soon he will just run right out to her.


Hayes LOVES dogs. Every time we are at Claire’s house he wants to hold them.


Baseball has started back! Sam is really enjoying it and doing really well!


Because of conflicts in the kids schedule and Lance getting home from work, Sam has been able to spend some special time with his best buddy. So thankful for friends on the same team!


Soccer has started back as well. This is what it looks like with us trying to get us all to the field. Unfortunately, there are many weekends where there are game conflicts so we will have to divide and conquer. Lance is an assistant coach for Sam’s team so it looks like he will be doing baseball and I will be doing soccer.


Reese looked awesome on the soccer field this past weekend! She had great ball control, passing skills, and was aggressive! Lance is bummed that there are so many conflicts this season because he said he really enjoyed watching Reese play last weekend.


After many days of rain, Reese had soccer practice and the boys found their heaven. I am pretty sure half of this dirt hill came home on the boys.



Reese and I got to serve at a Women’s Shelter on Sunday. We served dinner, did a Bible lesson, held some precious babies, and played outside with the kids.


Claire watched Hayes for me one day so I could be the mystery reader in Sam’s class. While I was there I got these super sweet and funny pictures. Claire said at one point she couldn’t find the kids and was calling their names.  All of a sudden she heard some quiet giggles and found them hiding from her in this box.  They just love each other and are best buddies.


Hayes seems to be a good sport when it comes to dressing up too…


Sam got to bring home his class “pet”, Toad-ally Awesome. He was super excited. That same day we met his friends from class at the playground to play.


That night little brother kidnapped Toad-ally Awesome.


The first half of this week has been so beautiful. We have tried so hard to take advantage of this spring like weather. We have eaten on the patio.


Taken walks…


Showed our bellies…


St. Patty’s Day


He said he was going to school…he loves to pretend like he is leaving for the school bus. He will tell me bye and give me kisses and hugs.


The kids took a get well bucket to their sweet little cousin. They all love each other so much.


Hayes and I spent some sweet time together taking a walk in the neighborhood yesterday. He loves to go “see pool” so we walked to the pool and then played on the playground for a little while.


I usually do my Bible study while Hayes is taking a nap in the afternoon. After seeing that it was going to be rainy and cold today, I decided to enjoy the beautiful weather outside while I did my Bible study yesterday. It was a nice change of pace. I am loving this study. It is so challenging and convicting. I imagine it is something I am going to need to refresh myself on often.


When Reese got home from school yesterday she had her report card. She couldn’t wait to open it and see how she had done. I am always so proud of her and she was so excited to see good marks. The thing she was most excited about was her report card from her Target class. They only do P’s (progressing) and S’s (satisfactory). In the area of creative thinking she has always received S’s but with critical thinking areas she has gotten P’s. Obviously, we are totally ok with that because that is exactly who she is…she loves any and all creative outlets. Well, yesterday she had all S’s in every section and she was so pumped up. She couldn’t wait to tell Lance and was finally able to FaceTime with him so she could show him. Way to go, Reesey-bug! We are so proud of you!

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