Thursday, September 3, 2015

First games

Reese and Sam have both had their first games of this fall season.

Friday night was youth night for the high school football game. Reese was SO excited to get to be on the field with the high school girls she has done cheer camp with for the past several years. They were on the field when the players busted through the banner. She loved every minute. Meanwhile, the boys were ready for bed! They were being so pesky in the stands and I was ready to leave. We stayed through the first quarter and then headed home to end our night.

Saturday, Reese's first game was at the high school and she was so excited to get to be on the same field she had been on the night before with all of the big cheerleaders. They were super cute out there on the track. At halftime they did a dance and had a blast. They all looked so tiny on that huge field.

Wednesday night Sam had his first baseball game of the season. His team is the Orioles this season. They are on a new field this year because he moved up to U6. For the first half of the season they get five pitches from the coach and then can hit off the tee. The second half of the season they do not get to use the tee. Sam played awesome and he didn't need the tee at all.

These new seasons have started off great and I can't wait to see how the rest of the season goes.

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