Saturday, June 4, 2016

Baseball All-Stars

Sam played in-park all-star baseball again this summer. To be honest, we didn't think they would ask him to play this summer because he had a rough spring season. He picked up a really bad habit while swinging and just wasn't playing all that well. When they asked, we were surprised but I am so glad they did. The season was only a couple of weeks long. They practiced for about two weeks and then had one tournament that started this past Tuesday and ended today. His coach was amazing!! He was so patient and kind with the boys, he taught them plays they needed to make and how to make them, and most importantly he was able to correct Sam's swing. Sam hit almost every time he was up to bat. During spring season he struck out almost every time! This summer really boosted his confidence in his ability. He played second base, some outfield, and on the pitcher's mound.  He had several great outs while playing second base. They played games Tuesday, Wednesday (which he missed due to a swim meet) and Thursday night. They won Tuesday and Thursday but lost Wednesday.

This morning at 9:00 his team had to play the team they lost to on Wednesday night. They played great and ended up winning. But since it was a double elimination tournament, they had to play that same team again. So they had a ten minute break and played another game. Both teams were so tired but they came out and played a hard game. Sam's team ended up losing the second game so they were the runner-ups in the tournament. We were so proud of how hard they played though!

Hayes wants to be out there so bad!

A little pow-wow to fire them up.

Sam's team named themselves the Avengers so these three wore their Captain America shirts to cheer him on.

After the final game the team headed to DQ for some blizzards.

It really was a great season and I am so glad Sam got this chance this summer. Now we wait for fall ball!!