Friday, October 21, 2016

Drawing on the Stairs

When we bought our house, we loved that it had a finished basement and loved so many things about that basement. But over time we have realized that it wasn't as functional for our family as it could be. This summer we set off to refinish it. We have done several things ourselves and have a contractor helping us on the side. He has a full time job so he can really only work on the weekends. So, it is taking a while to get things done. Our goal is to have it finished by December. Fingers crossed!

Anyways, this week has been early release for the big kids so we have been trying to be creative about entertainment around here. Since we took the carpet up off the basement stairs, it has just been the wood visible for months. This week I decided to let the kids decorate the stairs before new carpet is put back on them. They had a blast doing this. They just used Sharpie markers and their imaginations. I did threaten them about only coloring on these stairs and no.where.else! Hopefully I don't find any Sharpie marks anywhere else around the house.

I imagine that we will eventually have to replace the carpet down in the basement again at some point in our lives of living in this house. It will be so fun to see what is under that carpet years down the road! I wrote each of their names and ages near their drawings and maybe I will even print off one of the pictures to put under the padding as well.

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