Thursday, September 14, 2017


They love riding in the back of Lance's truck in the neighborhood.

Morning Shenanigans before school.

He loves babies!!

One night Sam and Hayes were looking at our Disney album from our 2011 trip. We had been at Disney at the same time as our friends so they were in some of our pictures. Hayes asked where he and Denver were and I told him they weren't born yet. We decided we needed to plan another trip with them so the babies can go together.

Hayes loves watching baseball and talking it out as he watches.

Reese started soccer with a new club this year. She decided to switch because she wants to focus on soccer and does not want to cheer any more.

I became a leader in Hayes's class at church and it is so fun to see him play with his friends.

Fun on the Square...

I met my mom and Elle out shopping one day when the kids were all at school.

Guinea pigs...

Six Flags...

My cousin had a baby so I went to visit them at the hospital.

I found several of these selfies on my phone.

Making slime...always.

Lance was cooking some meatballs in my apron because I hate frying things!

He loves his kitty.

Homework time. I love that they don't fight me on getting homework done and just do it when they get home from school.

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