Monday, September 10, 2007

Size 2

I finally figured out why Reese keeps getting poop all over herself and every outfit I put her in...her diapers are too small. I am such a moron. The size 1 box says for 8-14 lbs so I figured she was still ok in them because I know she is not 14 lbs yet. Well after going through two outfits today I decided to try the size 2 diapers. They are perfect and hopefully we will save some clothes from being turned yellow! I just bought a box of 252 (or so) size 1 diapers at BJ's last week. Luckily I have not opened the box and will take them back for the larger size. I can't believe she is already in the size 2 diapers and isn't even two months old yet. Geez, she's gonna be walking soon!

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