Saturday, September 8, 2007


Today we went down to GT to go to the game. We hung out for a little while at the tailgate and it was really hot and sunny. We decided it was better not to take Reese in to the game because we didn't want her to get too hot or burned. So we did not get a picture of her in her cute little bumblebee sunhat Peggy bought yesterday. Instead Reese and I went to Lenox for a few hours while Lance went to the game. She slept the entire time until she decided to poop all over her GT dress. I had to undress her, walk around with her naked in Macy's and buy her a new outfit (only spent $3.50 for an outfit on clearance). Luckily I had laid her blanket over my lap so the poop got on it...otherwise I would have been covered in poop too! That would have been embarrasing. After Lance left the game we went by his work and set up his new office. It has been a long day but Reese was the perfect baby all day. I know she is glad to be home and sleeping in her own bed.

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