Tuesday, February 25, 2014

February Full of Fun

We are finally getting back in to the swing of our regular routine after having the kids home for over a week and then half a week of school last week. This is our first full week of normalcy in a long time. We have had a fun and busy few weeks though. Every time it is nice outside we are trying to enjoy it after being stuck inside for days. 

Here are some highlights from the last week or so…

Aunt Becky got engaged!!!

2-25-14 045

I got to spend some special time with Sam at a birthday party. The party was at Chuck E. Cheese and he was so excited to get to go with just me. We had a lot of fun playing together.

2-25-14 040

The kids got to finally see some of their best buddies after a week of being snowed in.

2-25-14 041

For years we got together with this group of friends at least once a month. Once the big kids started school, it got harder. On President’s day they were all out of school so we hiked the mountain together. It was so fun to have them all back together.

2-25-14 042

Sam and his buddy Davis bringing up the rear. They were slow but they had fun!

2-25-14 043

Reese’s first soccer practice of the season. I am excited about this season. She seems really pumped up about it and really liked her coach.

2-25-14 044

Lance and I celebrated our ninth anniversary. We went to dinner and had a great time hanging out.

photo 5

Saturday we hosted a baby shower at our house and then went to the Gladiators game that night. It was such a fun game. The players were very feisty so there were fights every few minutes. It was so fun!

photo 2

This little guy was kind of all over the place. He made it hard to watch the game.

photo 1

Reese talked Aunt Becky’s ear off for most of the game. We left after the second period so hopefully she got to enjoy the third quarter in peace.

photo 3

Hayes snuggled up with his buddy Tommy for a long time. He sat still in Tommy’s lap longer than he has ever done for me. It was really sweet.

photo 4

Sunday we went to early service at church because Reese was invited to a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese at 11:00. I took her to that but it was a much different experience than when I took Sam. She was off playing with her friends and didn’t need me around at all. After the party we cleaned the cars and then headed to the mountain with some friends. Once we worked up an big appetite we went to La Parilla for dinner.

photo 6

Yesterday was a beautiful (but chilly) day so I took the boys to the park to play with some friends from church.

photo 7

Today I took Hayes to his first experience with story time at the library near our house. He wasn’t sure what to think but I loved the sweet lady in charge. I am excited to do that with him again. We are so ready for spring so we can enjoy being outside some more!!

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