Friday, March 7, 2014

Shoe Buddies

A couple of months ago I bought the boys some matching shoes. They were super cute so I just had to have two pair. I also bought both of them a little big. I decided to put Hayes in his the other day and Sam decided to wear his too. When Sam started putting his on Hayes squatted down to watch him and to show him he had the same shoes on. He was so excited.

3-6-14 002

3-6-14 003 

After I took both of the first pictures, I was putting the camera away and Hayes ran over and again and said, “Cheeeee!”. So Sam swooped in and I got this cute picture of them both smiling.

3-6-14 004


Rebecca said...

Oh my gosh!! So cute!!! They are so lucky to have each other just like you, me and Leah!

Leah Denmark said...

My two favorite little guys in the world!! Doesn't get much cuter than the two of them!!