Monday, June 16, 2014

Two Wheels and an Open Road

Last summer we bought Reese a new bike for her birthday. She would never ride her old bike and we thought a new one would do the trick. Well it didn’t. She still said she didn’t like riding her bike. We tried and we tried but nothing worked.

photo 1 (2)

For what ever reason, yesterday Reese and Lance decided to take the training wheels off her bike so she could learn to ride it.

photo 2 (1)

While Lance was busy talking to a neighbor, I gave her some pointers and ran beside her in the grass for a while. She was doing really well and would go several feet while riding alone. The problem was their wasn’t enough space in the grass to really test it out.

photo 3

Finally we talked her in to going out to the cul-de-sac to try because their was more space and it would be easier to peddle out there. The second she was on her bike, she was riding away. She was thrilled and we were so proud of her! Her biggest trouble is actually getting started on the bike but other than that she looks like she has been riding forever.

photo 4 (2)

Check out this big smile…

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Celeste Clancy said...

How sweet! Way to go, Reese! Soon you will be teaching her how to drive! :)