Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Loosing Teeth

Reese’s top two teeth have been wiggly for a while now. Finally a couple of weeks ago, one of them got really wiggly, like barely hanging on and discolored wiggly. However, she refuses to have her teeth pulled and prefers to just let them fall out.

7-1-14 008

Yesterday morning while she was eating breakfast, she jumped up out of her seat and yelled my name. I look over and she is holding her tooth. It fell out in her mouth when she took her last bite.

7-1-14 195

There was no blood. The tooth was just ready to come out. Now the tooth next to it is hanging on and ready to come out. And we will just let the same thing happen.

7-1-14 196

She thought it felt so funny and that she talked funny. I am ready for the other one to come out because she will look so cute and really talk funny then!

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