Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A Much Needed Update

Oh my!  I don’t even know where to start…or know if I even remember how to type. Ha! I can’t believe it has been a month since I have updated this blog. We have done so much in this last month that it totally flew by and now it is almost a new year! I guess I will just start where I left off and touch on as many things as I can (with a mouse pad that is not working well).


We celebrated Thanksgiving with Lance’s family. We hosted them at our house and the day went well. When I told Reese and Sam the plan, Sam whispered to Reese, “We get to tackle Brody!” That is one of their favorite things to do.

I am glad I got this picture of Sam and Brody…

12-30-14 040

Because it quickly turned to this. Brody is a good sport when it comes to his pesky little cousins.

12-30-14 041

I tried to get a picture of the cousins but out of the six I took this was the best I could do.

12-30-14 038

Friday, we spent the day decorating for Christmas.

Saturday, we were up bright and early. We left home around 6:00 AM to take the kids to my parents house so that Lance and I could meet my high school BFF to go to Athens. It was GA/GA Tech game day. It also happened to be Lance’s birthday. The last time Tech beat UGA in Athens was on Lance’s birthday six years ago. And this game did not disappoint. It was so much fun to be there.

We got to Athens around 9:00 (I think) and headed off to find a place to have breakfast. We had to wait a little bit for it to open and enjoyed some Starbucks Hot Chocolate while we waited.


After breakfast we headed towards the stadium. Since it was a noon game there wasn’t much time to explore. We wanted to make it in for kick off and we did!


Lance and Erik were in the row in front of us. Our seats were 45 yard line, three rows up. While it is fun to be in the excitement right there, it is a little hard to watch the game so we mostly watched it on the big screen when we could see around everyone standing up.


Lance was a good sport about being in a sea of red. This was my view for the first three quarters.


It was so fun just getting to spend the day with Adrienne and Erik.


During the fourth quarter the people in front of Lance and Erik left so Adrienne and I moved down to the front row. The only thing on our minds was being able to see around everyone’s heads. It really is a lot of fun to be behind the bench because those boys are crazy. Notice all of the people between us and the hedges. With about four minutes left in the game tons of UGA fans started leaving. Lance laughed and said apparently they had never seen a GT game before. Unfortunately for a lot of people they missed the best of the game by leaving.


We took this picture when the game was tied so we remembered that everyone was happy at one point during the game no matter what happened after this…


After a few crazy plays, Georgia blocked a second field goal attempt by Tech. It was hard to see what happened so we kept looking back and forth between the field and the jumbotron. All of a sudden Lance’s phone started blowing up with text messages of people saying they saw us on TV. We got several videos and pictures from friends and got the biggest kick out of seeing them. I finally got my 15 minutes! Ha!


Tech ended up winning the game and we had a great day!

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