Tuesday, December 30, 2014

December Update

December came in with a bang. I feel like we didn’t stop the whole month. The first weekend Reese was in our local parade. It rained all morning and we had decided we weren’t going. Right about the time we needed to get ready and leave the sun broke through and we headed out. I don’t have pictures of her because they are on Lance’s phone. His new iPhone takes great pictures so we have used it way more than any other camera. Our nice camera isn’t cooperating so pictures are slim.

After dropping Reese off with her group we went to eat at our favorite restaurant while we waited and then headed out to the street.


Hayes was mostly excited about the train tracks behind us and kept waving to the trains as they went by.


Reese had a blast walking in the parade. After the parade we headed home to relax and then Lance and I had a dinner party to go to. I am always so bummed when we get dressed up so nice and the only picture we get is a selfie in the car! We realized on our way that we thought the party was 30 minutes earlier than it actually was so we just drove around and looked at Christmas lights and houses.


Later that week our neighborhood had a Christmas party at our neighborhood pavilion. They had a pizza food truck make dinner and dessert and we got to visit with neighbors. It was freezing cold though and the whole time Hayes kept asking if we could leave. We had fun though and it was a great dinner!

The next night Lance’s cousin and her family came in to town to look at houses because they are moving to Atlanta. They ended up spending the night with us Thursday night but didn’t get here before the kids went to bed. Friday morning I told Reese they were here and that she could quickly go say hello before she left for school (they were still sleeping). She was so happy to get to do that. Once they were up the boys had so much fun playing with H.


Lance was home from work that day so that I could go on a field trip with Sam’s class. There was a church that was hosting “A Walk Through Bethlehem”. I drove Sam and one of his little girl friends from class. They were so cute and I had a lot of fun with them. They were not super interested in the days events though. In the car they were a hoot and they giggled and giggled for most of the ride.


Friday afternoon, H came back to our house for a nap while her parents looked at more houses. Reese got home while she was napping but the kids had to leave before she woke up. Reese was not happy at all that she missed out on seeing H. I kept promising her that she would get to see her all the time very, very soon. After the kids were gone, my house was totally clean and H woke up. I got to spend a good hour with her doing whatever we wanted. We colored, played outside, and watched Mickey Mouse. It was so sweet to spend that time with her and it made me miss my days with Reese when she was that age and the only thing I had to worry about. Friday night, I had a GNO with girls from my small group. We went to Tin Lizzy’s and had a great time visiting and doing a scarf exchange.

Saturday morning I was up early to get my hair cut. Shortly after I got home, Lance and I packed up and headed to Atlantic Station. His company party was at the hotel there that night so we made a night of it. That afternoon we went to see Mockingjay, I got a pedicure, and then we got ready for the party. It was a fun evening out.


Sunday we woke up and decided to go get our kids early so we could try and see H and family one last time before they left town. We met them at our house and it turns out we didn’t have to rush because they decided to stay one more night with us. The kids were beyond excited and had a great time together. We can’t wait to have them close!

The next week was crazy. Tuesday, Reese and Sam were both home sick with a stomach bug. Ugh! It really wasn’t bad and you never would have known by the afternoon. They were both free of the sick bug 24 hours later so they were back at school Wednesday. Thursday morning Hayes woke up just a tiny bit sick but I was supposed to be at both kids schools that day for parties. Luckily Lance hadn’t left for work when Hayes woke up so I begged him to work from home so I could still go. He did and unfortunately ended up sick by that evening.

I was, thankfully, able to go to the kids parties. Sam’s was fun. They played games and had a Chick-fil-a lunch. I had to leave Sam’s party early to get over to Reese’s party. I am the room mom so the party details fell on me. Sam was not happy about having to leave his early so another mom was able to drop him off in Reese’s class when she headed to her daughter’s party in the classroom next door. I was grateful for that bit of time to get her party set up alone.


At Reese’s party I did not get one picture. Being in charge of it all made that hard. The kids seemed to enjoy each activity though. This is my first year as room mom. I hadn’t planned on being the room mom but on open house night when no one else had signed up I felt bad for our first year teacher and told her we would figure it all out together.

Lance was home again with us on Friday much to his dismay. He kept saying he HAD to be at work but I told him his co-workers would appreciate him keeping his sick germs at home leading up to Christmas. We were supposed to go to friends house that night but we cancelled on them to hopefully keep them well. Instead we drove around looking at Christmas lights and stopped by a church that had a live nativity.

Saturday morning Sam had a birthday party at CEC to attend. It was a sweet morning with him. I very rarely get alone time with him so it was a mini date morning for us. We had a great time playing and talking. Reese had basketball practice that morning too so Lance took her to that (have I mentioned she is playing basketball this winter…total opposite of me, I tell ya).

Sunday was packed! The kids sang at church Sunday morning. Again, the videos are on Lance’s camera but I do have one picture of Sam. He was so excited to wear his red bowtie. He dressed himself and Lance made this comparison of Sam and one of the doctors from Dr. Who (which I have no idea what that is!!). They were super cute singing and I don’t think I stopped smiling the whole time. They sang “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing”.


Straight from church we headed to my parents house for Christmas with my Dad’s side of the family. We got there late so they were eating lunch when we arrived. We jumped right in and caught up with everyone. We had a wonderful visit and it ended too quickly. Again, pictures on Lance’s phone.

That evening we hosted our small groups Christmas party.  We did an Ugly Sweater party and had a great time with everyone. The kids were super excited to be reunited with Taylor, our beloved babysitter, and she took them to the playground and to McDonald’s for dinner.

12-30-14 056

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