Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Since New Years...

...things have been pretty slow around here for a nice change. We know that life will be crazy once spring sports start back but until then we have enjoyed many slow(er) weekends. I still feel like the calendar is always full but in the best possible ways.

Hayes can touch his tongue to his nose just like Aunt Leah...

S'mores inside because it was so cold outside

Hayes was so excited to get to ride in Hadley's new car and even more excited to get a turn to drive it himself.

Helping Daddy put together Reese's new bed...which I guess I never took a picture of...

Sam celebrated the 100th day of school as a 100 year old man. I love that my kids get in to dressing up and doing the fun things that the school offers.

One of my January goals was to organize the pantry and the refrigerator...check!

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