Saturday, January 23, 2016

Snow 2016

The kids were so excited to see the first snow of the season! I was thankful that it did not interrupt school and work too much. They did close both a few hours early but nothing crazy. We had planned earlier in the week to have a playdate with our friends. As soon as the kids saw the first snowflakes, they all ran outside. That lasted for about two minutes and was over. Driving home during normal rush hour, there was not a soul on the road. It was the weirdest thing. I guess since school and work had released early, everyone was already home.

When we came back upstairs from pizza and movie night in the basement it had started snowing and the kids could not wait to get outside to see it.

Saturday morning the kids were in our room bright and way too early, dressed and ready to play out in the snow that had fallen over night. It was not much but enough to excite them. They played outside for a bit by themselves then we went out all together for a little while as well.

By mid day the street were clear and we were out running errands! I will be really surprised if we see any more snow this year!

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