Monday, February 8, 2016


We have a babysitter whom I have known since she was seven. We became very close with her family at our old church and have loved their family since then. They live about 35 minutes away from us but on nights that we know we won't be out late, we ask her if she wants to babysit because our kids adore her and her sister. Some times both girls come together. Sarah, the older of the two, became interested in photography several years back and does a really amazing job with the talent she has. This past time when she babysat for us she came a couple of hours early and we took the kids to the "train park" so that Sarah could take some pictures for us.

There was a train parked on the tracks and we thought Hayes would be over the moon to get to see it so up close...but he wasn't thrilled. Most of the time we were having to pull his fingers out of his ears because he was so scared it was going to blow its horn.

Sarah worked really hard to get some great pictures...I am not sure if she is ever going to want to work with kids again though...she will probably stick to her friends for now...it is hard work to get kids to all look and smile at the same time!

This was the second the train started moving and blowing it's horn. It was pretty funny to see Hayes's reaction but he survived.

This is my favorite shot that she got!!

I love the color on this one!

This girls knows how to pose!

Sarah in action...

After we finished taking pictures we let the kids play on the playground for a few minutes...

I love these pictures and I love Sarah for finding her passion and pursuing it!

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