Saturday, February 6, 2016

More Shenanagins

Lunch with Gigi and Gran after church one Sunday

Target antics...Chewbacca and Yoda jackets cracked us up!

I love that Sam brings home readers every day and I love to see him read

Lunch on the square...when we left church it was much warmer than when we decided to sit outside and eat!

But the cold can't stop these guys from eating yogurt after lunch!!

One night we had a sitter and Hayes asked if he could sleep with Reese. They have done this a couple of times since then too. When we ask him if he wants to sleep on the bottom bunk in Sam's room he says no but he likes to sleep in Reese's bed!

Carline is always an adventure with this silly goose.

We created a new rule for this school year that there is NO technology during school days (unless of course it has to do with homework). It has been the best decision for our family because it has made the kids get a little more creative and made me less of a bad guy every single day...they just know the rule now.

Sam came home with a girls phone number...

We surprised Reese with letting her stay up late one Friday night after we put the boys to bed. Lance had just finished reading the first Harry Potter with her and so we watched the movie. It was much better than I had anticipated. Now they are reading the second book together.

After our last indoor soccer game, we took Reese and Hallie to Waffle House for dinner.

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