Friday, September 16, 2016

Fall Ball

This season Sam and Hayes are both playing baseball. Sam is still "eh" about baseball but Hayes is in love! Each season we ask Sam if he wants to play baseball or take a break and he always wants to play. But each season, he complains about it. I think we will have him take a break in the spring and try something else. However, Hayes is all in. He wants to play/practice all the time.

Lance has always helped out in coaching Sam's teams but he decided he would be the head coach for Hayes's team. Unfortunately, he was out of town the week of their first games. He was so bummed to miss them. Both games just happened to be at the same time, on the same night, two fields apart from each other. I did a lot of running back and forth that night and definitely was not dressed appropriately for that. Reese was also at cheer practice at the same time so as soon as the games were over, we raced to the car to go pick her up.

Before game picture...it is too funny that they each are on the "Sox"...Hayes is the Red Sox and Sam is the White Sox.

Hayes's first moments of his game and he was in the pitcher's circle. He was a little overwhelmed out there and not sure exactly what to do. Remember with soccer he didn't love all the parents yelling. I think this was similar because you could tell he was embarrassed being out there. He quickly warmed up though and had fun!

I stayed and watched Hayes at his first at bat but I don't have any pictures of it because I was FaceTiming with Lance so he could see it too. After Hayes batted I raced down to Sam's field just in time to see him up to bat.

And then back to Hayes...

And then back to Sam...Luckily Kristin was there with me to laugh at how crazy we were.

We have so many friends out at the ball park that were just laughing each time we would run by. We have one more night that the games are at the same time. This time I don't think it will be as stressful because Lance will be there with Hayes and I won't feel like I am missing Hayes's very first time playing.

Lance and Clint are coaching the babies (yes, we still call them the babies because they will forever be the babies of our families) team and we got so blessed by the fact that Sam and Dylan ended up on the same team. Once you are playing baseball, you can not request friends or coaches so it was truly a blessing for them to end up on the same team. There was a lot of happy dancing when we found out!

And we can't forget about our sweet sister cheering! Actually she is usually making videos and playing with other sisters, but she is there none the less.

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Unknown said...

Little baseball players are the cutest!! ~ Aunt Leah