Saturday, September 17, 2016

September Happenings

Our church held their own Olympic games one night and our team won a couple of medals.

Lunch with my girl at school. She told me that every day she looks for me hoping I will be there to have lunch with her!

Go, go Power Ranger! It is so crazy to me that Hayes is now the age that Sam was when we moved in to this house. He is wearing Sam's Halloween costume from that first Halloween here.

Reese is cheering again this fall which she still loves.

One night while Lance was out of town I took the kids to play tennis. It went better than I thought it would and Reese hung the longest out of every one. It was fun!

Silly boys!

Hayes and Denver both have Thursday with no siblings and no school so they have been having fun together! This day we went to Sky Zone and they had a blast! They didn't stop jumping and running for an hour and a half!

Cheer practice one night the high school girls stunted with the little girls.

Waffle House for dinner!

Sam had to have a sleep study done so this was us at CHOA waiting to get all set up.

While we waited we watched Monsters University while snuggling in the bed together. He was nervous but did great.

This picture is a little scary but it is just wires everywhere. He fell asleep pretty fast around 9:00 PM but I slept terrible. It took me two days to recover. Around 12:45 AM, the fire alarm started going off! It was terrible but luckily a false alarm. Sam went back to sleep pretty quickly and then she came in an hour later to adjust some of the wires that were not reading correctly. It took him a little bit longer to go back to sleep that time. It snuggled in bed with him until he fell asleep and then went back to my sofa to try to sleep some more. They woke us up at 5:00 AM and we were home by 6:00 with doughnuts in hand. I went back to sleep until 8:00 AM and then we were off to church. They called us this week and said his study went great and that he did not seem to have any problems sleeping! Our ENT was worried his tonsil size was obstructing his airway at night...that was the reason he had to do this sleeping study.

Reese and Maddy were playing with make-up one night and then I found this picture on my phone.

Sam had state testing at school this past week and his teacher sent this banana home for him to eat for breakfast on the first day. I thought that was so sweet of her!

It is only half way through September so I am sure there is so much more fun on the horizon!

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Kiera said...

Love catching up on your lives!!! Funny, Ben LOVES power rangers too!! Scary about the sleep study, but glad to hear all went well!!