Thursday, November 10, 2016

Sam is SEVEN!

Sam turned seven on the 9th. It was a school day but he was up bright and early. He actually woke up around 1:15 in the morning. His light turned on and it woke me up. When I went in his room to ask him if everything was ok he said, "I'm going to go ahead and get dressed." I told him it was only one in the morning and he needed to sleep a little bit longer.

He is definitely our kid that gets the most excited for his birthday and he can not wait to open his presents. So before Reese and Hayes were even dressed he opened his gifts.

He has become interested in Pokemon cards and has been asking for some for a while. He had about ten before his birthday but saw a huge pack he wanted. I don't even know what Pokemon cards do or are for but he loves them. He got a pack of about 60 cards and a notebook to keep them in.

He is also really good with legos and we got him a big airplane hanger set with several airplanes. He loved them and was done building it all so quickly.

I made them chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast and we sang to him. Birthdays on school days are always so crazy! I wish I could keep them home for their birthday. Instead, I go eat lunch with them at school and take donuts to their class to celebrate.

Luckily he had the day before his birthday off because of election day. Lance took the day off to take care of some things like drivers license renewal, etc. Since we were all home, we took the kids to see the new Trolls movie (so cute!) and then we went out to dinner.  The kids are giving themselves troll hair in the picture below.

Sam casually mentioned to our waiter that his birthday was the next day and they brought him this huge, amazingly delicious piece of cake! It was so big we didn't even take more than a bite each and we saved it for his actual birthday.

Things about Sam:
-He has learned how to blow bubbles with bubble gum. If he chews bubble gum during baseball, it totally distracts him.
-He learned how to whistle...when he first learned this it was all he would do. He whistled all the time, everywhere!
-He came home one day from school knowing how to tie his shoes. And he taught himself!
-He always has a best little friend in his class and he always has a good friend that is a girl in his class. The past three years the little girls have all looked very similar but this year she breaks the mold.
-One afternoon my friend had the kids at the playground while I had teacher conferences. She said as they walked up to the playground all of a sudden all she could hear was a group of girls squealing Sam's name. She said he was such the ladies man. When my dad went to have lunch with the kids for grandparents day he said he wanted to be Sam's wingman. He said every single little girl that walked by said, "Hey Sam (sounds like Say-um)!". And he is so funny when they do this. He gets so shy, blushes and looks down at the ground while saying hey. He is obviously a sweet friend to these kids but I think when we are around he gets so embarrassed.
-He pushes Reese and Hayes's buttons!
-His teacher said he is so sweet in class.
-He made it in to the gifted program. They did some testing in K and then seeing his scores from the CoGat test he qualified. I was working in the library at their school one day and the Target teacher walked by and said "Oh good! This will save me a phone call." and told me he was qualified to start Target after the Winter Break. The Target teacher has been pulling some first graders out of class once a week for 45 minutes during this first semester. With some of his sweet little friends from his K class, they built a birdhouse. The teacher told Reese that his groups project was the only one to stay standing and resemble a birdhouse. We are so proud of him and I can't wait to see how he does in this class!

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