Friday, November 18, 2016

Thanksgiving parties

This week was full of Thanksgiving parties. Wednesday Hayes's school had a Thanksgiving show and then feast afterwards. I snapped these pictures while recording the show so they are not great. They looked so cute up on the stage and he did a great job.

The feast was a yummy turkey lunch. We got to visit with a couple of kids from his class and see some work they had been doing.

All of the feathers on this turkey are from the kids in his class. I left him home with Lance one Sunday afternoon and told him to get his feather decorated and he refused. He had no desire to do it. That Monday morning, I sat him down and had him stick some stickers on the feather and then we wrote some things he was thankful for on it. He was so silly about doing his homework!

Thursday Sam's class had a Thanksgiving day. They had five or so stations they rotated through. Hayes did one station with him making teepees out of paper plates but that was all he wanted to do.

Another station was making these turkey cupcakes and then getting to eat them (at 9:00 in the morning!). This was the station I worked at and I loved getting to meet he sweet little friends.

Today Reese's class had their party. Her teacher wanted it to be a pie party and they watched Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. I was so busy serving up pies that I forgot to take any pictures in her class!! Of course Hayes was with me so he was enjoying spending time with the big kids. It was also PJ and reading day for the whole school. Now we get to enjoy sleeping in and having a week off of school!!

To make up for lack of pictures from Reese's party, I will link back to my favorite Thanksgiving song yet!

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