Thursday, February 23, 2017

EMG is here!

Last Friday, Becca and Tommy finally welcomed their sweet baby girl! Since it is not really my story to tell, I am just going to share from my view. And my view looked a lot like this...

I put the kids on the bus Friday morning and then headed out to the hospital. My parents and I got to eat lunch alone and I don't know the last time that happened. It was great visiting with them. Leah met us at the hospital and we had a lot of fun spending time together doing nothing! She is a sweet talker and some how talked the sweet nurses in to giving her one of the hospital mugs they give to the new mamas in the maternity ward.

Later that night Tommy's sister, Gina, arrived and we all put on our new shirts my mom made for us while we waited to see our new niece!

She finally arrived and my mom sent us this picture while we waited to squeeze their necks. Becca did such a great job and I was so proud of her! Tommy was so sweet and supportive the whole time.

That night I didn't get to snuggle sweet Elle but the next morning we came back to visit after spending the night at my parents house. Leah and I had a sleepover there so we could make sure to see them one more time before heading home.

She is so cute and tiny! I never got to hold my babies in my arms when they were that small and I just loved getting to hold her. She has dark hair but light eyebrows so her hair might change colors. BUT, Reese is excited for now to have a cousin with the same color hair as her.

We are all so excited to have a new baby around to love on! Welcome to family, sweet girl!

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