Thursday, February 23, 2017

Meeting Elle

We were all so excited today for the kids to finally meet Elle. And they were all smitten. Reese was so excited to get to hold this sweet baby!

On the way to their house, the boys and I had several conversations about how they were to behave. They did so well and were so calm and sweet around the baby.

Sam loved on her and she just relaxed in his arms.

And Hayes surprised me the most! He absolutely loved on her and was so gentle and sweet. When we were about to leave I told him it was time to go and he started crying because he said Reese got to hold Elle "for a really long time" and he didn't get to hold her as long. So, we had to let him hold her one more time before we left.


While I was busy doing this, Tommy took the boys out on their four-wheeler and they had a blast. Later once we were back on our side of town, Sam kept talking about how awesome it was and how much fun he had. He also kept saying, "Elle is so cute!"

There are not many things that are better than having a newborn baby in your arms. We are all in love with Elle!!

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