Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Closer to the end

I can tell it is getting closer to the end of this pregnancy. I am ALWAYS hungry and honestly don't really care how much I am eating. I know that is unusual for me. I have been very consious about my food intake up until now. I am still being smart but I really want some good junk food. If I want it and have access to it, I am eating it! What is keeping me in balance is that I am so hungry I fill up my plate but my stomach is so squished right now I get full quickly...and I am then uncomfortable for a little while.

Tonight we are taking a "Babies Essentials" class in Alpharetta...so that means we have to eat on the way there. I can't wait for Arby's...yumyum!!! Hopefully this class is worth being up past my bed time for!

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