Thursday, June 28, 2007

My Macho Husband

The last several times Lance has gotten his haircut at Great Clips or one of those cheap places he has come home with a less than desired haircut. He complains about how they cut it, etc. More than likely the people cutting hair went to "cosmetology school" a long time ago and have not continued their training since. They don't even wash your hair...they spray it with a water bottle before they start cutting. Well I talked him in to going to a nicer place at least once to see how much better they would do then Great Clips. I made an appointment for him at Bob Steele over by Town Center. It was such a funny experience that I have to share it here...sorry honey! First of all he did not want to go there by himself. He wanted to make sure everyone there knew he had a wife (that was probably making him go there). As soon as we started walking up to the door, he puffs out his chest (like a man). When we walk in the girl asks if she can help us. I look at Lance since it is his appointment. He says (like Tarzan) while pointing to himself, "appointment...6:15". The girl ask if he is Lance and he confirms that he is. She then directs us to go sit on the couch in the middle of the salon. He is confused as to why they put you in the "back" of the salon on a nice comfy couch to wait. I guess he is used to the lovely fold out chairs in the front of Great Clips. After sitting there for only five minutes (unlike the potential 30 minutes at Great Clips), the girl comes to take him back for a hair cut. She consults with him on what he wants done to his hair, does he want her to use shears or clippers, etc. He tells her that I made him come there to get his hair cut because I don't want him looking sloppy at the wedding he is in next weekend. She then takes him to wash his hair. He seemed to really enjoy that and began to relax a little. She continually asked him if she was doing as he wished. She obviously wanted him to happy with what she was doing and not just waiting for the paycheck at the end. She walked him up to the register, he paid (and gave her a nice tip), and then on the way out I asked him what he thought. He said he liked it and that the next time he could come by himself. I am so proud of him...even if he was a little Tarzan like. I think his hair cut turned out great!

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Lance said...

First off, I didn't puff out my chest and I didn't sound like tarzan...I made a full sentence!

It was weird and a little gay..however, I really liked the hair washing!!!