Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Growing Up

Last Friday I decided to take the side rail off of Sam's crib. We have been super lazy and slow about getting a big boy room set up for him so this was a first step in that direction. He has done great and slept great in it this way. He has only gotten out once with out permission. When he wakes up from his nap he climbs out of bed and I can hear his little feet patter across the floor. He will yell downstairs, "Mommy I done taking a nap!" and then I tell him he can come downstairs. It is so cute! Why is this little man growing up so fast??

He also loves to do things on his own. He loves brushing his own teeth. I always let him brush first, then I take a turn, and then he rinses his mouth out. I love that his little ties barely touch the stool when he does this.

Sam is doing a great job with the potty! We are still working on number two in the potty but other than that I am so proud of him. I am definitely not stressing over his potty training the way I did Reese...and this makes everyone much happier!! He can pull his pants down and climbs up on the potty all by himself. In public it is still tricky but we are getting that down too. He does love to tee-tee outside...but what boy doesn't? This little guy cracks me up.

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