Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Kindergarten Registration

Today I registered Reese for Kindergarten! First we took Sam to a friends house to play before Reese and I headed to the school. Then on our way to the school Reese said she didn’t want to go and wanted to go to preschool. She was very concerned that she was missing out on something and that she was going to have to do her morning work all by herself. I talked her in to going with me. We walked in to the school and as we walked down the hall a lump formed in my throat. I had to tell myself to lock it up. I just couldn’t believe that I was actually walking through the halls of an elementary school with Reese! In the end I really did not need to bring her with me. All I did was fill out paperwork but it was nice to have those thirty minutes with her. I am not really sure what she thought…I will have to ask her about it later.

I took our picture before we went in. I thought this first one was perfect and cute but she didn’t like how my eye was touching her face. Ha!

3-28-12 003

So here was round two. I still like the first one better but she said this one was perfect!

3-28-12 004

Oh I don’t know if I am ready for August to be here. I can’t believe she will be in Kindergarten! AHHHH! Where does the time go?


AA said...

Oh my goodness she's already starting kindergarten!!! Can't believe it. Was it hard to make the decision to send her on this year? Did you consider holding back a year or was it apparent that Reese was ready to start this year? Leah is a July birthday too, and I'm curious how parents of summer babies make the decision of when to start, especially when so many people are holding their kids back a year.

Kiera said...

I can't believe she will be going to kindergarten, how crazy!!! I do think she will be the brightest one there!!

Renee said...

AA, I had no doubt about sending Reese to Kindergarten this coming year. I know with out a doubt she is ready...she would be bored otherwise. I think every parent just knows if their child is ready. I actually have a couple of friends who will be holding their July babies back this year because that is what is right for them. You will know when the time comes!!