Thursday, March 29, 2012

School Egg Hunt

Today has been a fun day! First thing this morning one of Reese’s school friends came over to ride with us to school because her mom had an early appointment to go to. They got to play for about 45 minutes before school. I am sure they were super wound up when they walked in to their classroom. I wanted to take a picture of them before going to school because they both looked cute in their Easter apparel. I took about six pictures or so and they were just being silly in most of them.

3-29-12 001

3-29-12 003

3-29-12 006

After dropping them off at school, Sam and I came home for a little bit of cleaning up and then headed back to school for the egg hunt. We got there a little early to help hide the eggs and Sam was a big helper. He had fun hiding them. Finally it was time for the kids to come out and Sam wanted to be in the middle of hunting too. He used a bag that Reese made in class.

3-29-12 008

This is a picture of all of the cute little girls in Reese’s class all dressed up. All but one of these little girls was in her class last year so they have formed  some pretty sweet friendships. Two of the little girls (that I know of…possibly more) will go to the same elementary school with her next year too.

3-29-12 011

After the egg hunt Reese went home with her same little friend that came over this morning. They got to spend most of the day together! They play so well together that I wasn’t worried about them spending too much time together. While Reese was out having fun, Sam and I ran to the mall. I still had not bought him an Easter outfit (just bought Reese’s last night). I found some shorts for him but still trying to find a shirt. I really just want a basic white polo but haven’t found one yet. After shopping we ate some lunch at the mall and then grabbed a cake pop for him at a new cupcake store there. After taking a bite of it, it fell on the ground so the lady gave him another one. This time we saved it to eat in the car! He was super excited!!

3-29-12 012

3-29-12 014

Sam and I headed home for nap time and waited for Reese to get home from her play date. This afternoon was kind of boring but the kids did spend some time having their own egg hunts around the house. I bet we will spend this next week having several more egg hunts since Reese will be home for spring break.

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Carrie Beth said...

If you want a plain white polo (with nothing on it) check The Children's Place or Belks (J.Khaki brand). I've monogrammed some for some people from both of those places.