Friday, April 20, 2012

Just Breathe

So many situations this week have happened where I need to remember to just breathe.

*Sam has had a stomach bug all week! Uggghhh! Each night I go to bed, holding my breath, just waiting for the sound. The sound that is going to keep me up for another hour cleaning up, rocking, and settling the little one down. Having throw up or worse all over you will make anyone queasy. To be honest, cleaning up stomach bug remnants while pregnant is way worse than when not pregnant. Finally, today seems to be going well. Sam seems to be in the clear and Reese has shown no signs of getting it either! I feel like I can breathe.

*Wednesday, I was so bummed Lance couldn’t come with me to the ultrasound. When the tech started the ultrasound, I said a little prayer for no bad news while I was there alone. Once the doctor came in and said everything looked good, I could breathe.

*Today, I got a follow up call to the blood test done on Wednesday. She said everything looked perfect. Breathe!

*So this one is funny! Coming home from ballet today my jeans felt a little snug on my stomach. I undid the button on them and could breathe a little easier. Of course, today would be the day that there was a police check point on our way home. There I am with my pants unbuttoned and belly hanging out. Luckily I threw my purse in my lap to get my ID out and I don’t think he noticed. Ha!

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AA said...

Glad to hear that everything went well with the ultrasound! Now you can relax (sort of, okay not really) for a while :)