Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Stone Mountain Day

Yesterday was our first day of spring break and we spent it at Stone Mountain with some friends.

4-3-12 001

They have a new area called Geyser Tower that Reese and Maddie had fun playing on.

4-3-12 002

Sam and Joci were not interested at all so they played in a little creek area instead.

Next it was off to the obstacle course. Reese was a little nervous at first but did a great job.

4-3-12 011

Sam wasn’t big enough for the whole thing but Lance let him try out a few of the pieces.

4-3-12 012

4-3-12 014

After the obstacle course it was off to eat some lunch and relax a bit.

4-3-12 020

There were Easter activities in a tent as well as the Easter bunny. I am sure you can imagine how well that went over with our two who are scared of “dressed up people”.

4-3-12 022

We got a chance to ride the train after an ice cream break.

4-3-12 025

Besides the pollen, it was a perfect day to spend outside.

4-3-12 029

Before we left we were able to see the Yogi Bear 4d show.

4-3-12 034

The little kids were being so silly before the show started.

4-3-12 036

Once we got in to the show, Sam was not interested in it at all. He did not like getting sprayed by water or any of the other effects.

We had a great day as a family. I am so glad Lance was able to take a day to spend with us on spring break.

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